Healthy Heart Weekend is here!

It’s time people!  Not as many participants this year as usual, but those that are will be awesome I am sure!  It’s not to late to join in, either.


Remember that any activity counts from Friday through Sunday. Just email me a photo of yourself or what you did to  by Monday.  I will compile the results and then do a drawing for some prizes.  One of the prizes is this lovely pin I picked up in New Orleans from an artist in the French Quarter.  It should make the wearer feel closer to spring, I think 😀


I will be doing a lifting workout. I just rejoined my old gym – only $99 for a whole year WOOT!

Pixie will be doing what she does best, which is getting into stuff.  I was lifting the first layer of plywood off the counter and she just had to be there checking it out.


Her look says What.The.Hell?

My other activity this weekend will be working on the counters. Have a great weekend!

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