Side flooring project

Something that we were able to do since our house closing is delayed is helping my parents install a new Pergo floor in their house.   My parents moved into this house a little over 5 years ago.  The original carpet was a dark green color and had seen better days, so it was time to put in a new floor. Since John and I are the experts at laminate flooring now, it made sense for us to do this rather than have them pay several hundred dollars to have it done. We only asked that they buy us dinner out. What a bargain!

They removed all of the old carpet and pad so the floor was ready for us to rock and roll over the weekend.


It took 2 days of work.  I have to give a huge thanks to the last month of Female Body Breakthrough I have been doing because I was hardly sore at all after a weekend of crouching, bending, kneeling and hammering.  Poor John was not as lucky. He is really sore. He needs to lift more consistently, which is my one :ahem: gentle hinting that I do to him.

We finished all but replacing the the last bits of trim and the door transitions, which we left for my dad to finish up.


It came out really nice!  This is Pergo Max (good for dogs) handscraped Richland Hickory.


It’s hard to get the good color of this.  It’s dark, but not too dark and had a nice textured finish.


That was a weekend of work, but it should bring many years of enjoyment for my folks!

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24 thoughts on “Side flooring project

  1. Lori's Mom

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lori and John! Can’t say it enough! We really appreciate all the work that you did. The floor looks wonderful!

    1. Lori Post author

      The boards are all the same length, but you do try to stagger them by starting the rows with different length. Of course, the spot I am standing in has them pretty similar in this spot. The floor varies with the spacing throughout.

  2. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Looks good!

    I wish I’d known 20 years ago just how much strength training with an emphasis on functional exercise would help with regular chores. A big project will wear me down, but after a good night’s sleep, I’m able to start up again the next morning. I’m the envy of all my neighbors. 🙂
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Tids and Bits

    1. Lori Post author

      That’s exactly it, Cammy. I was tired at the end of each day, but fine the next. So, so glad for strength training.

    1. Lori Post author

      It would be way too hard to try to match the color and look of the wainscoting. It would have been close enough to be really annoying. Plus they like the look of the dark floors. Wainscoting can always be changed via paint, too (my mom is tired of hearing me say that).

    1. Lori Post author

      I think doing functional lifting workouts is so important. Times like this weekend I understand this. It’s not all biceps curls and preening at the gym. Good training makes like easier.

  3. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    You guys are great to help out – that’s what family is for right? And blog friends too? I have 3 rooms that could use some wood put in. 😉

    It looks great and a big thumbs up on not being sore. It’s great to see how exercise helps in those pesky day-to-day chores as well!!
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Comfort Cookies

    1. Lori Post author

      Of course it is perfect (or close enough). 😀 It had better be with all the practice we have had installing laminate!

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