March Goal Wrap Up – with guitar!

Time for the wrap of the month!  This ended up being a really busy month for me, I have to say. Only 4 written goals, but I also managed to finish up our counters and helped install flooring at my folks’ house. No wonder I deserved that spa day 😉

Here were the March Goals:

1.  Continue with the Female Body Breakthrough program, really sticking with the 90/10 eating planWell, the workouts have been great – the eating not so much. Not sure why. I do really well for a week or 2 and then overeat. Sigh.

2.  Work on paring down my closet. After putting this on a monthly goal several times with no results, I actually got some done!  I purged out some things from the closet and my sock/undies drawer getting rid of everything with holes 😀

3.  Ride my bike – outsideNo, dammit! It was just too cold. I will bike in the 40s, but we couldn’t even manage to get temps to the 40s and if it did, it rained. Argh!

4. Do another guitar videoEnjoy below 😀  I almost didn’t do a video because when I sliced my finger doing the counters, I could not play my guitar for a week because it hurt so much! That was a long delay without practicing.  So, this is not the piece I was hoping to play, but good enough. I even memorized it for you.

Waltz in A by Matteo Carcassi

I always find it interesting watching myself play because I don’t notice how much I bobble my head around while I am playing. 😀

Now to figure out the goals for April.

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22 thoughts on “March Goal Wrap Up – with guitar!

  1. Kim

    Thanks for putting the video on YouTube. I really appreciate people taking the time to do that. YouTube has been a valuable tool in finding great clips to show my band students.

    1. Lori Post author

      You’re welcome. It’s a little nerve wracking because some comments can be pretty rude, but I learned to make the video unlisted and only people who read my blog will find it. So I guess pretty much the whole internet anyway… :p

  2. Satu

    Great piece of music, bobblehead! 🙂 I’ve noticed I always move in one way or another when I sing – it would feel unnatural if I didn’t.

  3. Helen

    Great job on the guitar Lori! I think you feel the music as you play which is why your head moves. It’s obviously moving right in time to tempo and chord changes.

    Temperatures aside, I hope you get some of the beautiful sunshine we have today – it’s good for the soul!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Bring on April!

    1. Lori Post author

      I do feel the music. When I played horn, I couldn’t move my head around so much, but the rest of me moved 😀

  4. Linda E.

    Beautiful ! I love to hear anyhow play the guitar or piano that can. It is very soothing, and that piece especially.

  5. debby

    That guitar solo was beautiful, especially those fast runs!

    Sorry you didn’t get to bike outside this month, but there’s still plenty of year left for you. I know you’ll enjoy it as soon as it warms up.

    Good job on the closet work. My bedroom/closet is the last area in my house needing purging. I am getting it done slowly.
    debby´s last blog post ..Exercise, Interrupted

    1. Lori Post author

      I still have a lot of work to do on the closet purging, but at least I finally did *something* LOL!

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