Paint colors and carbs

A couple of deeper posts this week, so now time for something a little more fun.  Like my new clock!!  Yesterday John said “So do you want to go to the mall tonight?”  You had better believe my fingers flew on the keyboard to get my work done in a timely manner 😀 I was looking for picture frames because I got some enlargements made of some of my photos. No luck there, but I did see a clock.  I decided to go ahead and purchase it.  😀


It’s always coffee time in Casa Radiance!

John and I have also been discussing paint colors for the new house. Here will be the dining room. Merlot below the chair rail, moonlight white above.


The moonlight white is also going to be the color of the kitchen cabinets, so this will bring some flow in from there.

We have been pondering a lot over the living room as well.  Usually it is a good idea to wait until you decide on furniture before choosing a wall color, but with my new chair (LOVE!!!) it gives us something to work with.  I have never worked with a gray color and I am not totally sold on that, but it looks good with the chair. Picking the right shade?


Talk about 50 shades of gray!!  They make it too confusing. There is no hurry, though. This will definitely be a process of putting samples on the wall. Normally I find colors and love them  – then they go up. Gray is a whole new town to me.

And speaking of the house – You know, I am still waiting on an answer to my question on our house from early last week.  I had a simple question. Or what one would think was a simple question.  I asked our lawyer to find out where in the process we were because who knows if the selling bank has even done anything yet, right?  Dead silence. I asked and John asked. Dead silence. So, I talked to my realtor and he asked the selling bank’s realtor what was up. Dead silence.  Hello????  This is a lot of what was making me so upset last week. How freaking hard is it to answer that question? I am not asking for a concise explanation of quantum theory or the meaning of life.  One of my 2 stipulations to extending the contract was to be kept informed of the process (the other was that it wouldn’t cost us any extra money). I am about ready to contact the selling bank myself. I hate being ignored. It would really help me mentally if I had some grasp of the process like if it was waiting for the judge or a response or whatever. This selling bank has already been pretty unprofessional and I am quite underwhelmed with them.

Enough of that, though.  You know one of my goals was to change up my eating. Well, I decided I am going to do lower carb 4 days a week and then just in my calorie range without counting carbs on the other 3 days. When I was doing the Fit Female eating, the idea is to have a fruit or vegetable with each meal or snack. Well, turns out I was eating 4 or 5 servings of fruit a day because I really only have veggies with dinner. Nothing wrong with fruit, but the calories do add up. So, lowering my carbs to 100 grams (note I said lower carb, not low carb) keeps me to 2 servings a day.  Then I don’t feel I have to have a piece of fruit with my latte and just have it by itself. ‘Cause as much as I love broccoli, I am not having it with my latte  :mrgreen:

On the Pixie front, the warm weather has brought the kitties around again.  This particular cat (with a collar) stalks the birds at the bird feeder.  Pixie was huffing and chuffing at the window.



Poor Pixie, she gets so upset and these other cats are like “Whatever…”

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18 thoughts on “Paint colors and carbs

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I’m embarrassed by how many paint chips I have in my house. I have trouble narrowing. 🙂

    I don’t like being ignored either. A simple phone call that says, “We’ve only done step 1”, is better than radio silence. At least you know what to expect.
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Alphabet Soup: D

  2. Helen

    Don’t pick Cloudy Day! That turns out more blue than gray 😉 I find even the whites overwhelming. I just wanted to buy a little sample of flat white for Mr. Helen to touch up around the ceiling and good grief! Why are there so many? Isn’t white just white? No not according to Behr, Glidden, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams! (Oh and that Merlot color is what we just covered over in our living room.)

    As you know I’m a veggie lover over fruit but when I was a WW leader (many moons ago) just about any time a member would fuss about stalled weight loss, I would question their fruit intake. There were people who would literally not eat a single green vegetable (except peas but those were considered a starch back then) and have 8-10 servings of fruit in a day. Sure enough, they’d cut back and they’d start losing again.

    Happy Friday (and sorry about the me, me, me comment lol)!
    Helen´s last blog post ..The Stairwell Won.

    1. Lori Post author

      I definitely don’t want a blue gray. I am still not totally sold on a gray, either. I do have a tendency to go more with beige and cream, but we want the room to be a little more dramatic. At least paint is the easiest mistake to fix (for me).

  3. Heather

    gray is the new “it” color. You should check out pinterest, just type “gray living room” or such in search bar and you’ll see tons of decorating ideas mixed with other colors and get an inkling for if you might like it. I want to do our bedroom in gray, but just not brave enough yet.

    1. Lori Post author

      That’s my fear with gray is that it is trendy. I don’t like to follow trends because they look dated pretty fast.

  4. debby

    Merlot looks like what I had changed my dining room color to in my mind. But what I had chosen many moons ago was cranberry (which the dot on the lid still looks like cranberry. What is on the walls today is QUITE BRIGHT! Its not cranberry IMO. Well, I’ll live with it for a while. One good thing is that the carpet I really like at Lowes is a good match for it! Oh, and moonlight white was one of my very last choices! I ended up with Snowy Day, I think because I liked the name LOL. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t pick Snowy Day if it was the last white paint left on earth. Good luck on the grays. I don’t like the card in front, but if it was away from the other grays I would probably like it just fine.

    Why can’t you just contact that bank yourself? I am like you about hating to be ignored. There might be a few receptionists in this town who were surprised that I reacted negatively to their rudeness.

    Pixie!! It really is better on this side of the glass!
    debby´s last blog post ..The Madness–It Begins Again

    1. Lori Post author

      When you have a dark color, it helps to tint the primer a dark color so it doesn’t look bright on the wall. (Says the person who just puts on multiple coats of the color instead of primer).

      The only thing holding me back from contacting the bank myself is that the bank has been asked and for whatever reason they are not forthcoming with info. Plus, we have hired people that are supposed to do this stuff for us. I like our lawyer, but I am not thrilled with his assistant at all.

    1. Lori Post author

      You know what is amusing? I put back an athletic shirt that was $18 because I just didn’t want to spend $18 on it (I thought it was clearance, but it wasn’t). Then I decided against a $30 frame because I didn’t want to pull the trigger. So instead I bought a $20 clock LOL. Makes so much sense, doesn’t it?

  5. Shelley B

    Grays are hard to choose, but I’ve loved our gray master bathroom and bedroom – it’s a pretty change from the standard beige (or Rice Grain, lol) in most of our house. I went with SW Tinsmith and Gris, with pure white for the ceiling/trim.

    Huffing and chuffing is the perfect description – boy, cats can sure get in a pickle over other cats (and squirrels, for that matter).
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  6. Kim

    I think gray is a great choice especially when it is combined with color (like your awesome new chair!).
    Love the new clock – so fun to find a purchase that is clearly “you.”
    I would be frustrated with all of the people involved in the process – someone should be able to get you a simple answer!!
    Kim´s last blog post ..Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

  7. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Arrgh, how frustrating! I’d even feel better if the people asked would respond to say “we’ve left 3 messages but we haven’t gotten a response yet, we’ll keep trying.”

    If you normally prefer beige, maybe you should aim at the warm grays vs. the cool ones. I bet you’ll find it a nice change – it’s still very neutral.

  8. Fran

    Ah poor Pixie 🙂

    So annoying that you don’t hear from them with indeed a simple question. Very unprofessional.

    I love the colors for the dining room. You may or may not believe it but R. always picks the colors for our house, I suck at that and not really interested in picking them.

    Now that I’m back at WW I eat a bit more veggies at my lunch. I don’t like veggies as a snack, fruit I don’t mind but eating a piece of cucumber for example in the afternoon: no thank you. Your plan sounds good to me.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday April 11, 2014: The Voice of Holland

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