What’s Blooming!

Not much blooming outside.  I am hoping that this stuff melts over the weekend. This is on the north side of the garage where the snow slides off the garage roof and it takes forever to melt.


The garden is all unfrozen now and more things are popping out.  I took advantage today to rake out a lot of leaves from the bed that collected before the snow came. More tulips coming up, although I think I might have lost a bunch of them this year. 



There is a big pile of leaves in the yard and that was the first pass through. Now I have to get in the base of the plants and get those leaves out. Plus cut down some old growth. We will have a very nice weekend for doing that.  Maybe the lawn will even start showing signs of life!

I had a very nice surprise today.  John left town for the weekend to go to Turning Stone and then there was a delivery for me!


Roses!  That’s what’s blooming today 😀  John got them for me just because, which is really nice. So nice to see a burst of color, too.

I was able to get out on the bike for a bit today. It was clouding up and actually rained after dinner, so it was a good thing I took a break and rode in the afternoon instead of after dinner like my original plan.  I plan on a fair amount of biking this weekend, too!

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9 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Shelley B

    The roses are just so beautiful – what a sweet thing for John to do!

    Hope you get a lot done in your garden this weekend; finally, it’s feeling like spring everywhere. ‘Bout time!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  2. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Ooooh, just because roses. Just because surprises are the best and those colors are lovely! Your yard looks similar to mine – just a small pile of snow left by the street where it used to be a 5 foot mountain. It should be gone today!

  3. Tami@nutmegnotebook

    How sweet to get flowers from your hubby! I thought of you yesterday as we got out for our first bike ride of the season! It was only 12 miles but that was enough for the first day. Hope you get to ride more this weekend.
    Tami@nutmegnotebook´s last blog post ..Reader Advice Day!

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