Literacy Run and Biking!

Saturday had a little running and a little riding, although no running done by me 😀  Literacy New York, which is the group that I do my tutoring through, partnered up with hospice to do a 5K to raise funds.  


They asked for volunteers to help out at the race, so I did.  I have never volunteered at a race. I have only been a participant.  My job (along with 4 other people) was to corral the runners and keep them from moving out into the road before the race started. Of course, we weren’t supposed to make people obey, just remind them in a friendly manner that for their safety to not enter the road until the race started.  I asked a couple of guys to come out of the road, they agreed and then just moved further down and crept back in.  🙄

My fashionable day-glo vest and flag!



I also met someone who had read my blog that lives locally (Hi Linda!).  She was running the race. She has lost weight and become a runner and looked fabulous. There were over 400 runners, which was great as a fundraiser!  Here they are all leaving.


My job was done at that point. Pretty easy.  It felt a little weird, to be honest. Brought back my running days and then I want to try running again. Even though running made me cry. I don’t understand my brain at all.

I stopped and chatted with the literacy coordinator for a bit at the booth.


They had interest from people wanting to be tutors as well. Yay!  We need more tutors.

Then it was time for my sport!



Still working on the distance legs, so I wanted around a 20 mile ride.  The paths were pretty clear of snow, finally.


Now it just needs to get green. I did a large loop, ironically enough riding out to where I had just been in the morning for the race LOL!



After 14 miles, I stopped for a snack:



I also read the paper there and saw a help wanted ad that struck me funny.



This is the tacky part of Lake George (sorry, folks).  Frankenstein hangs around outside and people take pictures with him. At least there are jobs available in the area, though. 

Then it was home. I had more people in cars talk to me on this ride than I ever have before. Seemed like every stop light someone would comment on the great weather. There was even a couple asking me how bad the wind was (it was fairly breezy) because they were on their way home to go out riding LOL!

I tried the unpaved part of the path.


Not smart. It was okay at first, but further in it was soggy and like riding through sand. It was really hard! I got back onto the roads as soon as I could.



All done!  It felt really good.  I think the next step is probably a 25 ish mile ride next weekend.  Not sure I am quite ready to ride to the lake with all the hills, but who knows?



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22 thoughts on “Literacy Run and Biking!

    1. Lori Post author

      The proceeds from this race will go to buy materials for the new GED that is starting this year. Definitely a good reason.

  1. Kimberley

    Very nice on the volunteering and of course, what a great cause!

    So glad you are able to get back out on your bike. I am looking forward to hiking again, but want to wait until the trails are not so soggy. In the past few days, three people have fallen and had to be rescued from local trails…not good at all.

    I need a job, but I don’t think that is one for me. LOL!

    1. Lori Post author

      I imagine the paths to the lake still have snow on them, which is one reason we haven’t ventured on them yet (hills not withstanding 🙂 )

  2. Shelley B

    LOL on the wanting to run again even though it makes you cry. Hey, it might be different this time? Or not…I get wanting to do something when you see others doing it (and seemingly having fun – maybe they’re crying on the inside).

    Glad you are getting some nice bike riding in! And I guess it’s good to have options for employment should your place send you over the edge. 😉
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

    1. Lori Post author

      I tell you – work called me while I was out riding asking me to log in and work. Maybe Frankenstein wouldn’t be so bad, although wearing that costume in the summer might be brutal 😀

  3. Fran

    Cool that you volunteered at the 5K race. I get you that you think about running again even if it makes you cry. I have that with races, saw the marathon of Rotterdam on TV yesterday and thought about doing races again myself again but I just don’t like that. I like running, not doing races.

    Looks like you had perfect weather, it’s so good to see your neighbourhood again without the snow! Now that I see your snack it reminds me I need to do that more on our long walks. sometimes there aren’t restaurants along the way but if there are I usually pass them and take a short break on a bench outside where I’m having water and Bella water and a cookie. But taking a coffee break should be part of the fun of the walk.

    Glad to see you back on the bike girlfriend.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday April 11, 2014: The Voice of Holland

    1. Lori Post author

      I agree that a coffee break should be part of the exercise 😉

      And it is good to be back on the bike, good indeed.

  4. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    20 milers already? You’re one impressive gal Lori! I can imagine it would be odd to volunteer for a running event. Last Sept I cheered Alex on during the 5K I usually do every year and it was really, really weird not to be doing it too.

    I don’t know… I’m thinking John would make a great Frankenstein and would get a kick out of walking around scaring people. 😉
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..A Little Break

    1. Lori Post author

      Having the trainer indoors helps keep at least some of the bike legs up during the winter. Not hill legs, but at least distance 😀

  5. Helen

    I’m so happy you got riding in! Isn’t it nice to finally be able to think of doing it consistently?

    I understand about the running thing. I keep saying I don’t want to race any more – I’m too slow now and way too hard on myself (i.e., I can’t do it socially). Yet, this is the time of year all my friends are signing up for races and talking about them and I start to feel wistful and think I might do one. Maybe I should because I know I’d be so annoyed at myself it would put a stop to those thoughts LOL!
    Helen´s last blog post ..The Stairwell Won.

  6. MaryFran

    I am dying to get out on my bike. When the weather is cooperative, my schedule prohibits! I begged my family to push our Easter celebration back to the evening hour so that I have all afternoon on Sunday. It’s supposed to be somewhat warm. I’m riding! Not sure if it will be a trail ride or a road ride…but I’m getting out there….reading your blog post just made the itch to ride that much greater!!!!

  7. Linda E.

    Uh oh Lori, don’t look outside this AM. Hopefully the temperatures will go up enough to melt all tha tugly white stuff once and for all. This is my first day back at work since last week, I really came down with a terrible cold (not usually prone to getting). But my wonderful granddaughters thought differently. That race was so much fun, the best part for me was I was able to cut 1 1/2 minutes off last years time. I was so thrilled to finally meet you, Lori! I have said it and will continue to do so, you are an inspiration to us all!

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