April Goal Wrap Up!

One third of 2014 is done already. Can you believe that? Vroom…

April was a busy month. Work has gotten hellishly busy. It’s funny – last year at this time it was the same way. It’s cyclical, but my company can’t seem to stay ahead of it and now is the time morale sinks. I feel like I need another vacation, even though I had one in February.

So, here were the goals to work for in April:

1.  60 minutes of exercise a day. I pretty much rocked this goal. There were a couple days were I did 45 minutes, but all other days were 60 with more on biking days. Whenever I make an exercise goal, I pretty much always meet it.

2.  Clean the windows! Well, we have 17 windows and 3 got done. At this rate, they will be all clean by September LOL! This will be going on the May goal list.

3. Figure out my eating plan.  I started doing lower carb a few days a week and I added a morning snack so I have 6 eats per day in a calorie controlled context. This was added after reading Yoni Freedhoff’s book (which again I will review at some point, probably next week). No difference in my weight or clothing this month, which I have to admit is slightly annoying since I am working really hard.

4.  Experiment with my sourdough starter.  I made sourdough crepes again and a wonderful loaf of bread early in the month. I have the starter out now proofing to make crumpets, but have just been either too busy or too tired this week to get it done. I blame work for that one.

So, not too bad on the goals. At least the important ones for health were there. The windows won’t hurt anybody if they are dirty and no birds should fly into them when they are dirty  😉

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9 thoughts on “April Goal Wrap Up!

  1. debby

    When you run out of windows and goals, you can come and do my windows. Oh, and bring some of those sourdough crumpets for me to enjoy while you’re washing my windows :))
    debby´s last blog post ..A Good Bowl of Oats

  2. Roz@weightingfor50

    Please feel free to send “cleaning window” energy up our way!!! Now that the sun is shining a bit more, we really need to get on it.
    I’m with Jody, your life has been crazy, you did really well! So happy you’ve joined the photo group!
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Buh Bye April

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