Just a bit of nothing

I don’t have too much to say. Everything has been the same and busy, busy, busy.  At least we seemed to have crossed out of the worst part of the storm with work. We hung on to the account by the skin of our teeth for now.  I got so many calls from work that I was ready to dump my phone. Over the course of 7 days (in a row, mind you) I got called a dozen times. Twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday to help out.  Apparently I am supposed to work 7 days in a row.   🙄  

That’s neither here nor there, though. I can’t change my circumstances right now.  John and I are in a holding pattern until the house purchase goes through and we can then make the changes we are looking towards doing.  So, while I do complain now – know that I do have plans 😀

Anyway, here are just a few pictures I have taken this week.

At breakfast yesterday – a new artist featured at the coffee shop:



We were trying to figure out what Ganesh has a bowl of in his hands. I didn’t think they were Cap’n Crunch peanut butter balls, but after looking it up, apparently Ganesh has quite the sweet tooth, so maybe that’s it. 😉

‘Tis the season for itchy eyes and sneezing:



That’s all yellow pollen on the car. Ick.

Pixie getting under foot:


Photo a day prompt today is “Free”


A filled out coffee card!  This means a free drink of choice. Woo Hoo!

I am thinking tomorrow afternoon taking a break and redeeming this for a latte!  We actually have 2 filled out cards, so both John and I can get one. 😀


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13 thoughts on “Just a bit of nothing

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, it will be enjoyed! Free coffee tastes even better (as long as it is good coffee to begin with)

    1. Lori Post author

      I am not sure if I get a long weekend or not. I will take off at least part of Monday. I know my main clinic is closed, but we have catch up work to do.

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