What’s Blooming – Iris time!

Bloomity, bloomity!  The garden has been a joy to go out and visit each day this week.  John usually comes on a tour as well so I can point out all the new things 😀



There is a bit of a hole in the garden right now.  I mentioned that I thought my butterfly bush was dead.  It wasn’t, actually.  It normally wakes late, but this is really late.  It’s very small right now.



It almost looks like 2 plants. This is normally 5 feet tall when in bloom, so I am curious as to whether it will get that high this year or not.  Ah the mystery!

What is doing great now, however, would be the irises!  I have 2 different kinds. One is the regular iris (I forget the name) and the other is the bearded iris.  The regular:



These blew up this year!



I think I am going to have to divide this group, which I have never done before.  Eeep!  These came from one of my neighbors a few years ago. I got 6 rhizomes and ended up with all of these.



Now for the bearded iris. This came as one single rhizome and this is year 3.

boysenberry buttercup


These blooms are huge!



I am so finding room for more bearded at our new house (if we ever move 🙄  ).

On to some containers:  This is a classic combo of geranium and spike plant, which I have never done before and figured I would for a change. 



Excuse the porch. We scraped to paint and are awaiting dry enough weather to paint.  Note Pixie meowing at me here.  🙂

Remember that old metal pot I found? Here it is with a plant:


Another new plant for me this year is the firecracker plant.



It’s very cute (again, more scraping done on the front steps. Painting… the neverending job).

I am loving the centaurea:


I have another color of these that should be open next week. Squee!


The aliums are blooming as well.



I was just standing outside smiling at the garden last night. I makes me so happy to look at!

And on orchid watch:



WOO HOO!  Finally open!  One of the buds shriveled and fell off and I was worried the other 3 would do that, but 2 of them are open now. 

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10 thoughts on “What’s Blooming – Iris time!

  1. Kim

    Yay for John touring the garden with you. Kevin will occasionally check out the flowers with me. He then proceeds to call everything a vinca, LOL.

  2. deb

    Hi Lori!! Those are lovely!! There some odd things about irises you might want to read up on before you split them… something about each rhizome only blooms one time. So keep that in mind when your dividing… I don’t know i remember reading something about it awhile ago you might want to check it out…. Everything looks beautiful my friend! Jinx does the same thing when i go outside to mess with my flowers and windows are open . He will sit in the window and talk to me the whole time….. 🙂 Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Yogurt Cup Project Reveal!!!!!

  3. debby

    Oh my!!! The regular iris are beautiful, and the bearded is spectacular! I LOVE that centaurea–must find that one! And believe it or not, I had a dream with allium in it. Must ‘mean’ something–like I need it?! And getting an orchid to bloom–that’s impressive. LOL @ Pixie. Nice to know she loves you, right?
    debby´s last blog post ..Pansy Parade and Pudding Report

  4. Kathy W.

    Gorgeous!! I noticed that after we had the worst winter ever– like nights of minus 28F, which never happens–some things went absolutely crazy this spring. I’ve never had so many blooms on the dwarf lilac bush before. Even some of our trees that looked so sick last spring now look healthier, with far more leaves! Maybe the cold killed off some of the tree borers. OTOH, forsythia didn’t bloom at all, no cherries (ha–thinking of your soap) on the cherry trees, and I think my baptisia/false indigo is gone for good.

  5. Biz

    Everything looks gorgeous – I wish I had a green thumb, turns out its black and every plant comes to my house to die!

    Hope your weather is great this weekend for a bike ride!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Kitchen Diva

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