50 miler!

Riding day!  John planned our route for us. I knew it would be in the 40s since we were going to Saratoga, but the actual amount depends on what way we go.  We did take a detour at the start because there is construction leaving town that we wanted to avoid, which ended up adding 4 miles onto the trip down.  Then we got onto River Road, called that because it follows the river 😀


I am getting good at taking pictures while pedaling!  I love going down this road because there is almost no traffic and kind of rural.  Okay, not kind of. It is rural.


We had a really good tailwind on the way down. It was really windy and I kept thinking about how coming back was going to suck LOL!

Around mile 13 was time for a snack!


Loves the dried pineapple when riding – or any time, really.  It was in the upper 60s and I couldn’t decide whether or not to take off my jacket as I would get warm and then the sun would go behind a cloud and with the wind it would feel colder. John shed his jacket, though.



Lots of farms on this route. You see horses, cows, sheep and llamas (or alpaca?):



I was getting pretty hungry by the time we got to Saratoga at mile 27! We had a big breakfast and the snack, but it was time to eat!  We hit up Comfort Kitchen, which is a place that sources local stuff and makes really good food.



I had a pulled pork sandwich with a side of sweet potato chips, which were flavored with orange and rosemary.  Yum!



Food tastes even better when you have worked for it! We then walked around Saratoga.  We stopped at NorthShire Bookstore and I was pointing out the cycling books to John.



I mentioned again how much I liked The Secret Race. Apparently one of the workers overhead me and asked if I would write a review of the book since they didn’t have one.  You know those little cards with a review on them that hang on the shelf? That’s it.  Anyone who shops here – you will be able to see my review, sloppy handwriting and all 😀

Good advice for all:



Time for cuppicakes!!! We stopped at Bettie’s. I had a Samoa cupcake, which was delicious!  John’s was key lime.


Not pictured was the chocolate cannoli we shared as well.  While those items are great, the coffee was terrible.  Mine was full of grounds, too.  Never getting coffee there again.

We also walked around Congress Park and saw baby ducks!



They are soooo cute!



I didn’t zoom in on these either.  Look at where these babies were:



Time to use that cupcake power to get home!  John had planned for us to go back the same route, but I wanted to take a more direct way since we would have been at about 55 miles if we went the same way – into the wind.  That is a really a bit big of a jump in mileage. We did head into the wind, which thankfully was less, but still pretty strong.  John and I switched front and back a lot for drafting purposes.

Around mile 40 and we took a break after a hill section.  I think we were getting a bit loopy and I tried to do a jazz hands pose while John took my picture.



All while trying to balance my bike on my thighs. Now that is talent!

One more rest at about mile 46 to stretch.  Kind tired at this point.


Final bit of the ride to go!



Done and done.  Longest ride of the year.



Ride Stats:

Total miles:  50.3

Average speed:  13.3 MPH

Top speed:  26.2 MPH

Saddle time:  3 hours 45 minutes

Calories burned 1540  (probably more with pedaling into the wind, but whatever).

This ride really felt good, I have to say. Both of us felt great.  Even my legs, while tired, could still have gone more.  Sit bones a little sore, but that is what happens when you increase the mileage by that much.  I felt Saturday’s ride more on Sunday morning when we did another 20 miles.  Monday is rest day 😀

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18 thoughts on “50 miler!

  1. Kim

    This is my obscure thought after a great ride recap… I didn’t know Rwanda had a cycling team. I’ll have to follow them if they get invited to one of the big tours.

  2. deb

    Gosh Lori you guys are doing so great!! I’am in awe of you! What beautiful biking country you have and that food looked delish!!! Hugs! deb

  3. Shelley B

    Beautiful ride, beautiful day, beautiful food (OMG that Samoa cupcake!). You are getting some great action shots while riding and I feel like I went along with you!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

    1. Lori Post author

      My very favorite GS cookie was always the Samoa, so I had to get this cuppie 😀

      Hopefully I won’t ever post an action shot captured when I topple over!

  4. Helen

    Even though I saw the mileage on Facebook, I am in awe that you guys did that. As it was really windy here on Saturday, I especially appreciate your ride back. You are rocking the bike already Lori!

    P.S. I did not ride 50 miles on a bike but I also had a Samoa cupcake this weekend 🙂
    Helen´s last blog post ..Vacation, St. Martin: Shopping for Tsotchkes

    1. Lori Post author

      No need to be in awe – this is just what we do and after years of biking the legs don’t lose too much over the winter.

      And yay for Samoa cupcakes! I want another one.

  5. Fran

    Woohoooooooooo what a great ride! I have missed these posts so much during Winter. So happy for you both (and for me 🙂 ) that you can finally go out for rides again. And the cupcake: YUM!

    The baby ducks never come close to me, could be that’s because I have this (in their eyes) big brown monster with me 🙂
    Fran´s last blog post ..Review May 2014

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