Random Thursday

Isn’t it amazing how you go on a mini vacation to recharge and then you feel almost the same again a couple days after you get back? LOL!  I hit the ground running with work Monday morning. It’s still really, really busy, but at least not screaming at us busy, so there’s something. 🙂

John just left this morning (Thursday) for Vegas and will get back at midnight on Monday. He took the Saturn down and left it at the airport so I wouldn’t have to come pick him up that late on Monday.  He said he is getting a bit tired of traveling and I don’t blame him. That also means that tomorrow and Monday I have to keep his business running at a minimal level on top of my own work and tutoring (packing and shipping orders mostly). 

It was good getting back to lifting this week. I hadn’t lifted since last Tuesday since I rode 20 miles on Thursday for my birthday instead of my usual lifting workout. I went on Tuesday and today and thought I might be sore, but I wasn’t.  Yay!

Pixie supervising my work today.




“You’re doing real good, mom! Now where is my catnip?”

We have been discussing the budget for the new house as far as what work we need to do to it (a lot) and what are the things we have to do to get it up and running for us and what can wait to do over time.  Furnishing the house is going to be a bit of a challenge and I want quality stuff for this house.  I think that means I might have to try my hand at upholstery on at least some pieces, so that should be interesting at any rate. 

My mom went in for eye surgery today, so I am cooking a dinner for my parents tomorrow night. She said it went well and hopefully will get her vision back to normal.

I am ready for the weekend already!

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10 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. debby

    Yes sometimes I go on a trip, and I’ve only been back a few days, and someone will ask me about it and I have to think–like its so long ago I can’t even remember the details.

    Noah’s trainer was telling me that she just saves up her money for a year and then picks one big project to work on/improve on the house. It sounds like a good plan, in theory…

    I know what you mean about the good furniture. Now that I am fixing up the house, I am wanting some nicer stuff to fill it. That is one thing I can be patient on. I am just waiting and watching for bargains. As long as I have one chair to sit in, and my computer working, I can be content : )

    Hope your mom’s surgery is helpful!

    1. Lori Post author

      I like to have one big project to work on, but then there are all the little ones as well.

      We realized that we hadn’t bought a single piece of furniture since *before* we moved to our house 8 years ago until we bought *my* chair a couple months ago! We did build our table, but other than that, we have had this furniture forever. It’s time for new stuff that reflects our life a little better.

  2. Helen

    Well no wonder you don’t feel like you had a mini break:

    1. Work is still super busy
    2. John is traveling and you are helping his business keep running
    3. You have to pack and ship orders
    4. You are tutoring
    5. You are making dinner for your parents

    That’s 5 jobs as far as I can see and coming right back to that would totally wipe out a mini-break!

    Weather is looking good for the weekend so I hope you can catch a bike ride to have some “you” time 😀

  3. Shelley B

    Pixie really does look like she’s checking your work! 🙂

    Just curious – does John consider his Vegas traveling a work-ish thing, or is it more for entertainment?

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s really more workish, although his best friend lives in Vegas currently and he stays with him.

  4. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    I hear you! When work is busy, short vacations are a must but it doesn’t take long before you’re back into the grind. I’m glad they aren’t calling and screaming at you anymore – who needs that!? I would just not answer the phone if they did that to me. Besides, time spent answering stupid calls is time NOT spent doing work.

    Hope it’s a relaxing weekend for you!

  5. Fran

    Read that dinner for you parents was a success on FB!
    And by the time you read this it’s Monday and he will be home soon again.
    I get him about the traveling. When R. and I met he traveled a lot too and at one point he had enough of it and rather be home which he does now.

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