What’s Blooming!

It was a rainy last half of the week. Really, the spring has been rainy and while it doesn’t help biking, it sure makes everything green!



Lots and lots of lawn clover 😀

My campanula are blooming. These are hugely tall this year, although you can see how knocked over they got from the rain yesterday.  Here they are standing up:



They have the very faintest blush of purple in them.


The 100-pound rose is in bloom:


And the scentimental rose:


I have forgotten the name of this rose that I planted last year. I need to go look that up.



My container plants are looking good.


I was a little uninspired for my other tippy pots and put in some coleus and allysum :


Hopefully that will fill in nicely.  My geraniums:


Don’t you love that ‘gray’ back porch?  We fell into the trap of buying a gray color that ended up looking way too blue once we painted and now we need to get a different one. We’ll just call that the primer 😀

Last gasp of the Tiger Honey:


I need to get in there and do more weeding. If only I could find a patch of good weather where I wasn’t working or biking LOL!


My orchid is still going with 2 blooms on it.  Yay!



The skies are supposed to be clear and I will be biking this weekend for sure!

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15 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. deb

    Your Liatris is coming right along too. Love those blooms. Love how you were able to show us the blue tinge on the Campanula. Bless your rain……. they have us under water restrictions … it will not rain here until November… So everything struggles… I try to plant drought tolerant plants.. My Plumbago is just incredible. It got hit hard by a couple of freezes this last winter and i had to cut quite a bit off but it has returned in leaps and bounds!! I must remember to prune it aggressively. LOL! Love when you share your garden pics Lori. Happy biking this weekend!! Hugs! deb

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s been very wet this spring. With all that snow we had a well. No drought here. It does mean the mosquitoes will be around in large quantities this summer.

  2. debby

    That is so weird. I know I checked your blog at least 3 or 4 times yesterday, but I never saw this entry! Oh well. Glad to see it now.

    The campanula are really pretty. So I am a little confused. Are there campanula that are small and low to the ground too? Because that’s what I thought I had. The flowers look a little similar, but yours are way more spectacular!

    I love that alyssum/coleus combo in the tippy pots–very vibrant!

  3. Fran

    Lovely Lori!

    You know every time I see a garden on my walk with lots of flowers in it, I think of you. A flower garden and you is one in my mind.

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