46 mile ride

What a gorgeous, gorgeous weekend!  I was glad to have my biking partner back for Saturday 😀



We did just kind of a loop around ride aiming for 40+ miles.


Most of it was road riding, but we did hit a small portion of a path called the Betar bikeway. It’s only a little over a mile long, but it runs along the river and is so pretty.  You can peek to Glens Falls:



It’s a nice paved path and lots of people on it on Saturday.  There is a group that meets there monthly to do bird watching and I keep thinking I will try it some time, but never have gotten around to it.


Of course, all the birdies needed to look out because this guy was walking around like he owned the place!



He was talkative and friendy. I always find the kittehs.

We headed south then to Schuylerville.  

This goes along the canal and we saw a boat headed. We actually were biking faster than this boat was going. Not sure if that is sad or not LOL! 


Along route 4 is a an osprey nest. They currently have babies and the mom was not thrilled about us. We weren’t very close, but she was pretty vocal.


When we got to Schuylerville, we stopped at Espresso Huis for our ride snack!


This was a Boston cream cuppie and really, really good! Of course, riding always makes everything taste better 😀

I also admired the pottery for sale by a local artist.


Biking = no buying, right?

Powered by cupcakes and coffee, it was time to head back.  We actually were a little tired on this ride. I think it was because we went about 30 miles before our snack and we didn’t take a lot of breaks.

Fluffy clouds!


About 3 miles from home, I got a cramp in my left thigh (the weak one). I have never had that happen while biking before. We had to stop and stretch so I could work it out.  Thank goodness it was close to home.  Only 1 last steeper hill to get up before we were done.


Look at that – the 46 miles I didn’t get to do on my birthday, just a couple weeks late 😀

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18 thoughts on “46 mile ride

  1. Kim

    WooHoo – great job on your longest ride of the season!!! It looks like y’all had a beautiful day. I love the path – seems a lot nicer than riding on busy roads!!
    Hope your thigh is OK!

  2. Fran

    Agree with Shelley: this counts as your birthday ride! Lovely ride Lori, the weather was perfect for biking.

  3. Helen

    Beautiful! I was just reading and realizing about the only time we see a cupcake here is during biking season lol. That’s discipline.

    Cramps from muscle fatigue you think? My left (weak) side is generally the first to react as well and it usually happens when I least expect it.

    1. Lori Post author

      Well, I am disciplined about not eating cupcakes too often, but we won’t talk about the other stuff I eat when not riding 😉

  4. Joanne

    It was a perfect weekend. Love that pottery! Maybe you got the cramp because the weather was a little warmer this weekend than it has been? Hydrate more.

  5. Linda E.

    I am ashamed to say I did no excercise Saturday or Sunday, feeling tired today hoping to at least walk many miles this evening, though.

  6. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    It’s fun to live vicariously through your rides as mine are only about 5 or 6 miles at a time right now. LOL

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