What’s Blooming!

Glad it is Friday. It’s been a bumpy week.



My delphiniums are blooming better.



We had huge windy storms roll through the other day and this stem was broken off, so it actually is in a vase inside right now.  I am definitely getting some of these for Radiance Manor.

The tippy pots:


It’s interesting how these wave petunias want to reach upwards instead of drape down.

My liatris is just starting to open up.  I love these plants. They seem to love this spot, too. I think I have had these for at least 5 years now.



Coneflowers are a poppin’ now as well!  The hot papaya is still stunted with no buds on it, but the razzmatazz is going strong:


My newest one I planted last year.  This is Tiki Torch:




Classic White Swan:

white swan

The Milkshake:


Some of the asiatic lilies are open now.  This is a hardy Orienpet – Anastasia:


These smell absolutely heavenly!



The Astilbe Glow just keeps getting prettier and prettier, too.



I am probably going to go astilbe crazy at the new house, too!  That’s about it for now in the garden.

I was asked if Pixie is enjoying the new settee.



That would be a yes 😀

It’s a busy weekend around here.  I have a lot of work to do (ugh), my BIL is having a 50th birthday party, and have to fit some riding in there!  See you on the flip side of the weekend!

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12 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. deb

    Lori your garden is really coming into its own. Gorgeous! You have so many varieties that i have never tried.
    You’ve given me lots to think about if we ever decide to tackle the back yard… 🙂 Hugs! deb

  2. debby

    Seriously, perfect color choice for Pixie!

    Oh your delphiniums are beautiful. I just bought another one at Lowe’s today. i sure hope they come back next year. And I moved my astilbe (inspired by you!) and it already seems happier.

    I love oriental lilies and I have had good success with them in the past. Maybe I’ll order some specialty ones for next year! Isn’t gardening fun?

    1. Lori Post author

      I love the delphiniums. So many flowers, so little garden LOL! I seriously can hardly wait to get digging new flower beds. My new back yard is almost overwhelming with possibilities.

      I get pretty much all my bulbs for the lilies, tulips and alliums from http://www.johnscheepers.com/

  3. Qlts2Slo/Jeannie

    Always love to see your garden. Mine is shady and untended, so not nearly as many beautiful blooms. Coneflowers are some of my favs.

  4. Satu

    Aww Pixie! She looks very proprietary on the settee! 🙂

    The Radiance Manor shrubbery looks good to me, but I have no eye for gardens..

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