Take a bite

It’s that time of year again!  Downtown Glens Falls does 4 Wednesdays of an outdoor event called Take A Bite.  


Downtown restaurants offer small portions of menu items for $5 or less so you can sample what is available.  We missed last week, but I wanted to get out and have some fun, so we biked down there this evening.

Sample menus:


John tried the eggplant slider:



Plus he got the cheesecake:



That was only $3 for that slice!

I decided on something called Bang Bang shrimp with rainbow kale saw with pomegranate vinaigrette.


This was really good!  I would definitely get this dish from the menu. It actually came from a bar. Sometimes bar food can be really good 😀



For dessert, I decided to have a chocolate bread pudding with bourbon cream sauce:



This sauce was liquored up LOL!  Tasty, though.  I love the small portions so you don’t get stuffed.

There is also entertainment all over from singers to saxophone duets to even a classical quintet!


Four strings and one clarinet, so I don’t exactly know what kind of quintet that is LOL!  They were good, though.

There are a couple of these left this summer and we just have to see if weather and schedules allow getting out again.

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15 thoughts on “Take a bite

  1. Fran

    I love it! The next town where I live has something like this every year for 4 days in a row in May but till now I have never been there because it’s really crowded but I still want to go one time. If this was in my town 4 weeks I would go every week and taste everything, love it!

  2. Helen

    I’ll have the Buffalo Chicken Salad and Cheesecake for dessert, please 🙂

    We have some bars around here that make better food than some of the restaurants!

  3. Linda E.

    The cole slaw looks delicious (minus the shrimp), as does the eggplant. The area has a knack for helping us off the couch and out in the fresh air. Last evening we went to the concert in the park series and watched fireworks afterwards, and as we were driving home, we both agreed way better than watching dull tv.

  4. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    I remember you guys doing this last year! It must be a lot of fun to live close to such fun touristy areas in the Summer. Yes, lots of non-locals but also all these funky activities and events to take part in. 🙂

  5. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    What fun! I wish I could ride my bike into the nearby towns, but no bike paths and no sidewalks. I will NOT ride those streets. I skip a lot of the local events cuz I don’t want to mess with the traffic and parking. I need to revisit that. Take a Bite looks so tasty and entertaining. I would have tried the chilled barley salad and cheesecake.

  6. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Looks like a fun event!

    I never thought I’d like booze in ice cream, but a friend makes a really, really good maple-fig ice cream that has bourbon in it. He forgot to mention that before I tasted it, so it was quite the eye-opener. 🙂

  7. Kim

    What a great idea – I think it would be awesome if some of our downtown places did something like this!!!

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