What’s Blooming!

Well, things certainly turned on a dime this week.   I can’t believe how much we have to do now.  The great thing is that it is on *my* schedule.  No waiting for other people to move their asses.

Lots of blooms, so let’s get a little closer!  The butterfly bush has lots of blooms now, even though the bush is a little misshapen.

butterfly bush

There have been some monarchs and the little sphinx moth is back!  I need to try to get a picture of him/her.

My burning bush is showing a blush of color – what is up with that???  It’s not even close to fall.

burning bush

I have lots of volunteer coneflowers this year.  Here is one that popped up near my delphinium:


This one is at the base of the butterfly bush:


And there are some volunteer black-eyed Susans along with more volunteer coneflowers  in by my Tiki Torch:




What is not blooming? Pixie’s catnip.


The kitty that used to eat her catnip was hit by a car earlier this year and no kitty had been bothering this since then until the other day.   I came out and found her catnip decimated.   I have it sitting on top of the Saturn and hopefully the kitty won’t bother it up there so it has a chance to try to come back to life.




More globe thistles:



The rose bushes are gearing up for another flush – Yay!!  



And finish out with some closeup of geraniums:






The weather should be great this weekend.  There is a lot to do.  I want a long ride since the new house will be eating up a lot of time, but we also have to get the current house decluttered and ready for showing!  Eeek!

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18 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Kim

    Good luck dissuading the catnip thief by putting it on the car. My kitty LOVES to nap on my car. I always love the garden pics.

  2. deb

    My Chinese Pistache tree in the front yard is showing some color at the top too…go figure…Beautiful flowers Lori
    like always! Hugs! deb

  3. Kim

    So are you going to take any of the current flowers with you or just leave everything for whoever buys your house?

  4. debby

    Well, have fun de-cluttering. I hate it! But I do love the feeling after the de-cluttering is done!! And yes to the bike ride. You need to celebrate this event big-time!!

    The globe thistle is my favorite this week! Isn’t it fun to see volunteers in the garden. I think it must be the bargain-hunter in me that likes it so much!

    1. Lori Post author

      I guess it is a few steps beyond decluttering since we are getting the house ready for showing. The last 2 houses I sold were vacant, so that was easy LOL!

  5. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    This will be the BEST kind of busy, because there is such a wonderful goal that you are moving towards. Your frustration level must have taken a nose dive. The butterfly bush pic is my favorite this time.

  6. Helen

    My knockout rose is blooming again too. It makes me happy just to see it as I drive down the hill.

    I love that campanula. Saw one while running on Saturday and wondered what it was. It’s one I’d choose if I had more room 🙂

    I’ve actually learned what a lot of flowers are by reading your blooming posts, so thank you for that.

    1. Lori Post author

      The knockouts bloom a lot, which is nice. I wish they had a scent to them. I get lots of flower ideas by reading blogs and seeing how plants perform in actual gardens – which is different than catalogs show LOL!

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