Kitchen progress

It’s hard finding a balance between work, rehab and quality time.  Phew.  We still are muddling through that.  One thing I have to keep doing is exercise.  Yes, the rehab stuff is functional exercise, but it can’t replace the bike!

I have to say that I love how much easier rehab is when you have a good strength training routine already in place.  I am not sore after doing anything and it enables me to work longer.  Not that I am not tired, because I am, but not sore – which makes all the difference in the world as far as motivation to keep going.

Slow progress is being made.  We got the hot water tank and lines tested and no leaks – YAY!  Now to actually turn on the hot water heater and the heating system.  We have a professional coming out to do that on Wednesday to make sure that is on the up and up.  Once that is up and running, I will feel a lot better.  That’s the last really big unknown.

Our house is now on the market.  Not sure if it will sell or not this fall.  Obviously we hope so, but we are willing to take it off the market and relist in the spring when there is more activity.  I don’t really want to own 2 houses that long, but I can’t control the market, as much as I would really like to!  

I moved some furniture around trying to make the living room inviting with my mish mash of styles.


Trying to hide our old couch 😀  We are not taking that with us.  I have 3 of these chests, which are kind of boring, but useful for storage.  I painted this one and brought it down from the bedroom.  It still has our sheets and blankets in it LOL!  

With having a hair ejection machine in the house, I decided I didn’t want to be vacuuming the area rug daily, so we rolled it up and took it to the new place.  That’s why I brought down the chest because the room was looking like everything was pushed to the edges.

You know how I say things look a lot worse before they start looking better with rehab?  Check out our kitchen!



This was progress for tonight.  Countertops are gone.  We will be pulling out that base cabinet with the plumbing as it is not salvagable, but all other cabinets are good!

The next step is seeing how hard it is to sink outlets into the cement walls.  Finish up wallpaper and then we can start putting the room back together.  That’s the fun stuff.

My mother came over and helped strip wallpaper in the kitchen last night and tonight, so we treated her to some Sweet Frog!



We are willing to bribe people to help 😀

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19 thoughts on “Kitchen progress

  1. Fran

    I really like these posts Lori, it’s so nice to see what you are doing to the house and see progress made. Please keep doing this.

    And I love it that you will keep biking and have quality time, that’s important because if you would you could work and then work in the house, sleep and repeat. This way you won’t get burned out.

  2. Lori Post author

    Well, at least one person won’t be bored 😀

    I do feel like right now it is work, rehab, sleep (although not good sleep) LOL

  3. Becky

    I second Fran’s comment. Love to see what you are doing and how your strength training has helped you.

  4. Helen

    I like that chest in your living room! I need something like that – or rather I need two somethings like that. I keep looking but haven’t found just the right thing yet.

    Along with everyone else I am going to be thrilled watching this rehab. I feel so conflicted though – sometimes I think I’d like to have that sort of skill and other times I think UGH!!!

    1. Lori Post author

      I like the look of the chest, but not this particular chest. The search continues 😀

      I think everybody is capable of doing these things if they want. It’s just whether or not you want to. Some people don’t and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Otherwise there would be no need for tradespeople!

  5. debby

    LOL@hair ejection system! I thought you were talking about some kind of machine you were using in the rehab and then I figured out you were talking about Pixie!

  6. Shelley B

    Even without rugs I still need to vacuum every couple of days (note I said NEED, not that I actually DO…) – but then, I have three pets living with me.

    I’m enjoying the rehab posts! Are you going to change the light over the kitchen sink? Pendant lights seem to be really popular right now (yes I watch several reno shows on HGTV, haha).

    1. Lori Post author

      Not sure about that light. We hadn’t thought that far, actually, but a pendant might be pretty cool there! We are getting rid of that scalloped edge above the sink for sure.

  7. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    I laughed at hair injection machine too. Funny!

    It’s a lot of work right now and there’s probably a little pressure wanting to get stuff done quick in case you sell the house, so you have a functional living space to move into, but remember how much you enjoy all of this. You are in your element and you’ll be so proud of everything you two are accomplishing when you start seeing it come together.

    Sleep is overrated anyway. 😉

    1. Lori Post author

      We have 1 area rug and all of Pixie’s hair gravitates towards it, I swear! That and the couch 😀

      I am almost getting to where I can see a new kitchen in this mess and it is pretty exciting. I have fingers crossed that the heating system works today. We have never had radiator heat, so it will be interesting.

    1. Lori Post author

      Well, we don’t want to delay moving in and this stuff has to be done before we can do that. The other rooms that need wallpaper removal and paint can be done later, but we have to have a functional kitchen.

  8. Satu

    Those pipes look really weird.

    If I lived near you I would help you with the renovation if you’d let me pet the hair ejection machine — err Pixie. 🙂

  9. Kim

    Wow – you have already made tons of progress!! I hope the water heater worked OK today.
    And, I hope that you find the right buyer for your house quickly – I know how stressful it is to have 2 house!!

  10. L

    Just love seeing the progress you’re making, Lori, and so quickly. I’m heading to NH and CT at the end of September for some R&R. Shall hubs and I stop by and help with some of this work? 😉 Always looking for new ways to burn calories. This looks like a job that would definitely fit that bill.

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