Kitchen update and a bit of riding

Man that weekend went fast.  I don’t know how much work I will have Monday for Labor Day since I now work 2 jobs.  I imagine there will be at least some work. Clinics will be closed, but the hospitals are open for all those emergent appendix removals 😀

Anyway, we had thought about a long ride on Saturday, but had forgotten that John reserved a moving truck for Saturday for his business  – so that put the kibosh on a Saturday ride.  Oh well.  

He went and picked up the truck and loaded up all the fragrance and essential oils and other stuff to bring over.  I went to the house to get to work on things.  I brought the bench over with me!  


Furniture – woo hoo!!!  I ate my lunch in this seat 😀



Saturday was mostly about painting the nook area.  We have an electrician coming out on Tuesday, so we don’t want to do any painting or anything in there until we find out what needs to be done so we don’t have to redo anything.  However, the nook is all ready to go.  I got the screens out of the windows and tested them out.  They work on a chain system to open, which is charming:


I am not sure why the walls look yellow in this picture because they were whitish before painting.  My phone sometimes will put in weird colors for some reason. That lever to the right turns and rolls the chain back inside the window to close it.  We need to repair the screens before they go back in, but that also gives me a chance to paint the inside trim.

The midafternoon was spent unloading the moving truck.  Ugh.  I need to remind myself that I never want to move again – and we still have our stuff to go!

Sunday we were going do a long ride, but the weather decided not to cooperate.  We started with our usual ride to breakfast.


We went to Panera for a change, which is all road riding.


It was fairly gloomy out and we checked the radar over breakfast and decided just to go home since rain was on its way.  Sigh…

Not like we don’t have things to do on a rainy day, right? Anyhoo, here is the pretty green color of the nook:


I wish it was sunny, but these were taken today when it was raining…



A lot different than this!



No more wallpaper!  The nook just needs the baseboard trim painted, flooring and a new light fixture and it will be pretty much done.  Plus replacing the radiator cover.  I know you are all thinking it looked better before, but just wait!

Now it’s time to bake a cake.  My niece’s birthday is tomorrow and she requested the same cake
I made for John.  It was quite the hit!

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18 thoughts on “Kitchen update and a bit of riding

  1. Kim

    What’s in the little square box in the nook? Please tell me it was for milk delivery, or something equally charming.

  2. Shelley B

    I was wondering the same thing as Kim about that little door at the bottom of the wall!

    Visible progress – how wonderful! I know with renos so much of it is work that doesn’t show, so I’m sure it’s gratifying for you guys to see the change. Looks good! 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      Yep, a milk chute. It has insulation in it right now (and some spiders). I have to say that seeing some color go on the walls really helps it feel like progress is being made.

  3. Fran

    You are making progress. So John already starts working from the new house? Do you have planned when you want to move to the new house yourself?

    I hope Labor Day will bring you only some labor to do in the new house and that the weather will cooperate for a nice ride.

    1. Lori Post author

      John will start working from the new place on Tuesday. We aren’t sure when we will be moving in because it hinges on when the kitchen is finished. Definitely before the end of September, though!

  4. Diane

    You are such hard workers!! The nook looks lovely. Love the pale green color. The bench looks perfect in the corner, and the floors are fantastic!

  5. Kim

    Wow – so cool that John will start working from your new home this week!!! Y’all are making serious progress. Sorry that the long ride didn’t work out over the weekend – crazy weather!

  6. Helen

    I’m just loving the color of that nook – and those wood floors look SPECTACULAR. It must have felt so nice to just sit there and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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