Working from the new house

Scheduling has been pretty whackadoodle around here.  I have been working both jobs, one of which is pretty slow now (which isn’t a bad thing with learning new stuff).  The work has been sporadic with both jobs, so I decided to work from the new house so that when it was slow I could do work during the day rather than coming back at night because Thursday night is opening night of FOOTBALL SEASON!!



I hope the Seahawks go down hard tonight.  I am still smarting about the Super Bowl…  Time to start the football picks for the year as well.  John and I also challenge his sister Sarah and her partner.  Last year I was the champion (with a little trophy to boot).  I hope to reign supreme again this year 😀

I have to admit I am not sold on this second job, actually.  There is something about it that makes me uncomfortable, and I think it is the fact that they expect you to work whenever the work is there, even if that means it doesn’t come in until 11 pm at night.  I can’t wait around all day checking for work.  They had a mandatory call in meeting that was announced at 10 pm on Friday night.  It was announced by email as it was happening.  Sorry, but I am not logged into my work email at 10 pm on a Friday night, especially if I have been working all day!  It’s the owner that is like that.  Everyone else has been super, super nice to work with. So, I am not making any moves to leave the older job for the new one at this time.  I am very lucky I can do both for now and will just keep evaluating. Who knows, they may not want to keep me.

Anyhoo, during work spurts, I have been painting cabinets:


Cleaning, priming and painting.  These are half the doors. The others are in the dining room and another room!  Good thing we don’t have furniture yet.  John has his business set up and is running it now and after a few hiccups of getting used to a new spot, it seems to be going well.  It’s weird having him gone during the day, although I was with him working today.

Pixie is not happy with how much we have been gone:



This was how she was looking at us when we got home tonight.  I hope she adjusts once we move.  She seems a little out of sorts now because the rugs are gone and we are away a lot.  Plus it’s hot and she is so fluffy that she must be terribly hot.

I am rooting for the Packers tonight!

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14 thoughts on “Working from the new house

  1. Kim

    I would hate that whole thing with the 2nd job – not cool at all!!!I don’t know how they expect you to work outside of the actual business day.

    1. Lori Post author

      Well, the service is open 24 hours and we make our own schedules up, but it is annoying that they would expect you to basically be on call.

  2. debby

    Pixie’s cracking me up.

    The difference in our home renovations is cracking me up too. Here you are, working two jobs, and then doing all this work yourself on your new house. I am retired, and I am watching someone else do all the work on my house. And it is wearing me out : ) Oh well. I did go to Lowe’s today and purchased faucets for the bathroom, and a bathtub too!

  3. Fran

    Pixie is definitely not happy LOL.

    That’s really idiot to call in a meeting at 10 pm on a Friday night! If my boss would say that to me, I would give him the finger 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s one thing to have a meeting if you know ahead of time, but to call it mandatory with no notice is really not cool.

  4. Helen

    Pixie is not having it mom! I’ll be she’ll be great once you’re able to move her too.

    I think your that owner sounds like a bit of a bully. People are really needing work and maybe they have discovered they can act like that and people respond due to fear of losing their job. Besides, who on earth calls a meeting at 10 PM, unless it’s a business shattering emergency! Ridiculous.

    So exciting to see things moving along at Radiance Manor!

    1. Lori Post author

      Things are inching along now. It seems like nothing is getting done at the house and yet it’s the little things that add up. Hopefully the electrical will be done this weekend and we can do wall repair and start painting the cabinet bases. Then it will look like something is happening!

  5. Sharon

    From one who truly understands, working from home has its distinct advantages, but it also has some very distinct disadvantages. My primary issue was working with people in numerous time zones and having those “mandatory” conference calls scheduled when everyone could participate. There were some odd times, believe me. Fortunately we did always know well in advance. Love watching the rehab. Do you have a target move-in date??

    1. Lori Post author

      No definite target move-in date. Since our house just went on the market and it is a slow time to sell, we don’t have to hurry to move in, thank goodness. We have to get the kitchen complete before moving in. Our goal is before the end of the month.

  6. Biz

    Ah, sorry the second job is giving you trouble, but hopefully everything will iron out. I have to tell you, I did like having the doctors typed up notes the day after we saw one at Mayo – made me think of you!

    Happy Friday – the cabinets are looking good!

  7. E. Jane

    Good luck with the renovations. The new house is going to be wonderful! Pixie is a bit lonesome, and she’s letting you know. As for the second job, I understand why you’re not sold on it. The timing of the meeting and the expectation of no notice seems to be over the top. Hope things change soon.

  8. Satu

    That second job sounds like …. I don’t know what I could call it. 🙂

    Yup, Pixie looks a bit sour up there. I’m all fired up because we are going to get our first (pop up) cat cafe in Helsinki soon. Wish there’s someone like Pixie there.

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