What’s Blooming!

It nearing the end the the garden season. Time to start planning for planting and what happens next year.  I still have a lot of long bloomers going, though.


You know I had that problem with lily beetles earlier in the year?  Now it is Japanese beetles and they totally decimated one of my rose bushes:


Of course, it is the one right in the front.  🙄  And note the black plastic bag in there.  That got blown in from somewhere.  Being on the main street, there are lots of interesting things that have popped up in the yard and garden like homework, receipts, bottles, cans, even an x-ray of someone’s teeth of all things.  Today’s strange item?  An egg:


Isn’t that weird?  I don’t know if someone was trying to egg the house and missed or if some critter had the egg to eat and left it there.

I have a volunteer petunia. This has never happened before.  It has to be from last year because it is pink (which I had last year) and this year I have purple ones.



My 100-pound rose is blooming:



Once this is done blooming, I will dig it up and find it a home in the new garden.




More delphiniums. I had no idea these were rebloomers!


These make me happy!

Annual salvia:



Purple liriope:


Black-eyed Susan going strong:



Also some Gaillarda:



There is one more day of hot and humid weather with storms on Saturday and then we will have beautiful weather!  That means Saturday will be spent rehabbing (like we would be doing anything else HA!) We have an open house scheduled on Sunday for our current house, so hopefully people will show up.  It’s a sloooow time of year to sell with school starting this week.

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7 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    Unbelievable what those beetles did to that rose bush! Do you think it will come back next year?

    I have a purple liriope too,but the leaves are bi-colored.

  2. Helen

    It’s the end of the season in my patio pots as well. A few things are hanging on and I usually keep them until their last gasp. Mums are out in all the garden centers here but I CANNOT bring myself to buy any yet. Probably need a good cold snap before I’ll feel in the mood for that!

    Storms headed our way today too.

  3. Kim

    Hopefully your house will sell quickly – houses around our area are really moving these days – one sold in less than a week this month!!
    I love that last flower – it looks so cheery!!

  4. Sandy

    Oh I love the egg. So funny. As children we were weirded out when we pulled in a crab pot baited with a chicken and discovered it had laid an egg since we threw it in the creek. I love that your ‘volunteer’ plants are so sweet. Mine tend, inevitably, to be rainforest plants that grow like Jack’s beanstalk. It seems to be a constant battle… Sigh. Hope the headaches and shoulder have eased up.

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