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You all know how I love the NFL.  When the Ray Rice thing came out originally months ago  – I gave it the serious side eye because while we didn’t see what went on in the elevator at that time, it was obvious this woman was hit hard enough to be knocked out in there.  I didn’t understand the delay in the suspension or the short length of the suspension for what to *me* seemed obviously a serious assault. Now, she chose not to testify against Rice, which is hard for me to understand, but I know that DV victims have a commonality in this regard.  It bugs me when people call her a gold digger.  I think if she was true gold digger, she would have sued his ass then and walked away before getting married.  Staying with someone capable of this kind of violence is common among DV victims. Now the whole tape came out and it was like the NFL said, “Golly gee,we knew he hit her, we just didn’t know how hard it was. Now he must go!” as their excuse for why Rice wasn’t canned in April.  Like her being dragged out of an elevator unconscious wasn’t a sign? Hello???

Of course, this isn’t just the NFL where this happens.  I think that if there is a silver lining to this, it would be the opportunity for the NFL to be a huge, huge player in opening discussions on domestic violence, bring those cowards into the open,  and stop blaming the victim.


Breakfast at the table:


John and I are eating all meals at the dining room table now.  Normally I eat breakfast at the computer and work, but I read a book that has  you eating at the table when you eat  (that I will talk about in a few weeks when my life settles down some).  I am now not tracking my food, either, which is a big change for me.  I don’t mind tracking food, but I am trying out not tracking going along with the book and seeing how I do.

It’s starting to feel like fall around here.  This is at one of the local coffee shops:


Rehab is inching along.  It seems like it is really hard to make progress during the week because we both have to work.  It just goes tiny bit by tiny bit.  The upper part of the kitchen is looking much better now:


The lower half still has a long way to go.  We are setting up the lowers and having to modify cabinets:


Hopefully the cabinets will be done this weekend (for the most part) and we can start working on the countertops.  We are both pretty tired right now.  It’s just the kitchen that needs the hard push to get done.

We are having someone come work on our roof starting tomorrow.  It’s a slate roof and we knew there were a couple of leaks that need repair.  It’s expensive, but there was so much deferred maintenance on the roof (and the whole house) – it will be very worth it.  John was able to negotiate the price down, too – Go John!  We have lucked out with expenses on things like the electrical, plumbing and heating, so to only have the roof be a bigger expense so far is a good thing.

I’ll end with a gratuitous Pixie shot:


This is her laying behind me on the couch.

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9 thoughts on “Random thoughts.

  1. deb

    Hubs and i are left wondering why the NFL is even getting involved?? If she didn’t press charges against him then why should the NFL get involved or even be held responsible in any way. That may be a cold hearted look at it but its what we’re thinking…..

    Ofcourse we kinda felt the whole basketball thing was blown out of proportion too…. What was his name Sterling or something like that…..he made some racial remarks…while in his own home…..not like during an interview or public event…..So why was he so crucified? Anyway just our thoughts on it…. Although i’m sure both these view are unpopular i thought i’d throw it in the pot….

    Love the rehab Lori . Its all looking great. Its always fabulous to see Pixie! Hugs! deb

    1. Lori Post author

      Well, the NFL is involved because of the personal conduct policy. Pressing assault charges really is for the benefit of everyone. You certainly don’t want someone going around thinking they can hit anyone who pisses them off. This guy needs serious counseling. Not to mention what happens to his kids? He has them and they either get hit or they are seeing the hitting and grow up thinking that is okay behavior. And his wife needs help to realize that she doesn’t not need to be treated like that. It’s just not okay.

    2. Helen

      Because domestic violence is not right and racism is not right. Most generally those things happen behind closed doors – still doesn’t make them right. The buck has to stop somewhere. Every employer I’ve ever worked for has a code of conduct and those things cross the line.

  2. debby

    Wow, the cabinets look great! I always have to scroll back and see what it looked like before–like, seeing that you didn’t take the entire cabinet down, just the doors. Because I was trying to figure out how you got those cabinets up in just the right place! Anyway, it looks great. I don’t think I can wait a couple of weeks until you review your book! It sounds like something I might need to read RIGHT NOW! (I’m tired of tracking, and my tracking comes out to the same thing every time anyway…)

    Hmmmph. Don’t like the NFL, don’t like domestic violence, don’t like victims of domestic violence blaming the NFL for “ruining their lives (what???????????) People who are public figures just have to know that every aspect of their life could possibly be brought into the public eye.

    I need to take a lesson from Pixie on how to totally relax!

  3. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Everything I was going to say went out of my mind when I saw that shot of Pixie. Awwwwdorable. And blood pressure lowering.

  4. Fran

    I have no idea what you are talking about with that Rice person LOL.

    It seems to me a lot of people don’t eat at the table, I know Helen does now and you started and I know Biz would love too.
    I don’t know better than to eat at the table, at least dinner. I grew up that way and R. and I haven’t been doing anything else for the past 20 years. It’s a fact that you eat with more attention at a table (bet you will talk about that) and for us it’s the moment to talk about our day before we do our own thing at night. Good for you that you are eating at the table now.

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