It’s fall and kitchen doins’!

It’s officially fall! Even though it really isn’t fall LOL! Pumpkins are in the store and they are mammoth pumpkins this year.

The picture doesn’t quite do justice to the size. These have to be 25 pounds. Big enough to wrap your arms around! And they are only $5.99 each.  Unbeatable.  Must have been a good pumpkin crop this year.

We actually put the heat on in our current house.  It was in the low 60s in the house. That’s really too early, but temps are going to drop into the 30s tonight!  Jeez!  Our new house is so solid with brick and cement walls that the temperature seems to regulate better and we didn’t need to turn the heat on yet.

We even had to really bundle up for breakfast riding as it was in the 40s:



Of course, lots of rehab this weekend.  You know how I was saying how progress was inching along? A lot of that is when you do the behind the scenes stuff, it looks like no progress happens for a long time.  This weekend some big stuff got done and we are starting to put in some finishes.  The hardware arrived and it makes me soooo happy!


And the pulls:



I just love it!  It’s called Reed and Ribbon in antique copper. It matches the copper finish faucet set:


The reason the wall looks like that is that is where the tile backsplash will be and I didn’t want to waste paint on wall that is going to be covered up.

We got the underlayment on the counters and the glue is drying:



Those green cans are fragrance and essential oils for John’s business.  They are 25# cans and great for weighting the counters.  The dishwasher is in and fitted, too.  We were worried the door hardware would get in the way and it just squeaks past …phew!!  I need to do a post on our cabinet hacks, too.  John totally impressed me 😀

Dry fitting of the granite composite sink in the underlayment:


New light fixtures.  I fell in love with the schoolhouse lights a while ago and knew I wanted them in this house.  One for the kitchen:



A smaller one in the nook:


Of course, when I removed the old fixture it shows a ring and now I have to paint the ceiling.  Always something extra…

Let there be light!



As a reminder, here was the old kitchen:





While we worked in the kitchen, I had my mom work on stripping wallpaper in the dining room.  That’s the job du jour for anyone who dares set foot in the house LOL!  We pay in lattes, so it’s all good.

On the agenda for this week will be building the wooden countertops!  Woo Hoo!


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15 thoughts on “It’s fall and kitchen doins’!

  1. debby

    Its the anti-fall here! 100 degrees yesterday. I got in the pool two days in a row this weekend!

    Your progress is so fun to see. I love your hardware choices. Although it made me a little anxious–that’s something I haven’t even thought about deciding–I guess I’ll talk to the cabinet guy this week!

    Its looking very pretty in the kitchen!

  2. Sandy

    Oh Lori, it’s coming together so nicely. That kitchen hardware is just beautiful! I’m so excited for you as you have this experience – it’s such a joy and privilege to watch it all unfold. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Helen

    Everything is looking just great!

    September is the hardest month for me each and every year. It gets dark quickly and generally gets cooler, although this is cooler than normal. So cool that I made glazed pumpkin donuts over the weekend.

    This morning I had to wear capri length pants and long sleeves on my run. I can’t think about the fact that a month ago it was still light outside and I was running in shorts and short sleeves – makes me melancholy.

  4. Kim

    Wow – it is looking incredible!! I love your drawer pulls and cabinet handles!!
    It was cold here, too – I turned on the heat for a bit Saturday morning to take the chill off!!!

  5. Fran

    It’s slowly getting more beautiful every time you do an update. Love it.

    Here we have Summer temperatures this week which is also kind of weird, at some point I always find it enough and September for me is slowly heading towards Autumn. But it’s only this week so guess we just have to enjoy it.

    1. Lori Post author

      We have cooler than normal temps this week – then next week will be a little warmer. Our balloon festival is this weekend, so hopefully at least it won’t rain!

  6. Jody - Fit at 55

    So hot at the hooties here Lori that I might even go for those temps right now – we have no AC so unbearable!!!!!! Love your gloves! 🙂

    The house is looking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, love the copper!

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