What’s Blooming!

I still have blooms in the garden!  The mums haven’t even opened yet.  We had some frost last night, which I think nipped some of the annuals (mainly my potted vines).

Annual Salvia:






Black-eyed Susans still going strong!



The Autumn Joy sedum has darkened up quite nicely.  It was really sunny when I took this photo. Normally I like morning light or evening because the colors come out more.


The burning bush is starting to turn!



One of my tippy pots has a late flush of allysum:



I also noticed my campanula are blooming again. These plants had so many blooms this year!




This weekend I will be moving over the rose bush and the razzmatazz coneflower to the new house.  I don’t have any place ready for them, so I am just going to clear a spot and put them in and hope they make it.  It’s getting late for transplanting.  I might have to shift them around next year LOL!

Those of you on FB might have seen this pic of the work being done on the roof.



It’s quite the elaborate set up to do the slate.  I am glad this roofer is experienced with slate, although he is spendy (and he talks too much!! LOL).  It’s painstaking work and hopefully they will be finished by Tuesday.

Inside, we have been working on the counters.  I am in sanding mode now:



Lots and lots of sanding to even out the counter.  I started with 50 grit and will be moving through finer and finer grit to get it smooth. This counter might actually work LOL!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    I have a lot of salvia this year, and I am really loving it. I think it self-seeded from last year. Hoping it will do the same next year.Actually, I’m hoping a lot of plants will self-seed next year LOL.

    Somebody mentioned burning bush to me, and I went to the nursery to look for one, and then I got distracted and forgot about it until I saw yours! Might have to stop there tomorrow–they’re having a 25% off sale this week!

    Wow, the counter is looking good. I would be scared that I would sand it down to nothing! Although, I guess that’s not true. MLG let me borrow his electric sander–it was really fun.

  2. Kim

    I love the picture of your house with the roofer working – I hope you do an entire house tour when you are done with all the work!!
    So will you have to put anything on the countertops after you finish sanding them?

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