What’s Blooming!

My in-ground mums haven’t bloomed yet. It’s funny how all the little pots for sale everywhere are in full bloom and the ones I have actually planted are not blooming yet.


My new hydrangea at the Manor is looking beautiful!



I really hope I don’t kill this plant. I need to do a lot of reading up on these.  Also near the hydrangea is something my sister found the other day on the fence in the corner:


I think his super powers are the only thing holding this bit of fence upright, along with the string…

Another bloom came out on the darker delphinium:



The butterfly bush is sending out tiny little blooms at the end of the season:



Snapdragons are also blooming:



Here is a better picture of the sedum in full color:



I hope to get some foliage pictures this weekend. Trees are starting to turn around here.  

Kitchen update!



Marble going in.  That will be the project for most of the weekend, that is for sure.  There is a lot of tile that needs to go up! However, there will be some biking. The weather is going to be too gorgeous to pass up riding 😀

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6 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    Some of my mums are starting to bloom. One of my hydrangeas looks like that one only it blooms white and then then turns green. I really like it. Beautiful beautiful delphinium!!!

    Good,I’m glad you will get some leisure time in this weekend.

  2. deb

    Lori that Sedum is GORGEOUS!!!MUST get some.. 🙂 The hydrangea can handle REALLY cold temps so i don’t think you will lose it there and it likes the shade……. If its been there a long time (probably no way of knowing) its probably really happy and established so i would worry so much. 🙂 If its pink its in alkaline soil …acid soil would give you blue!Big Hugs! deb

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