October Goals

Where the H*ll did September go?  Okay, I know where it went.   September has such a flurry of activity normally because there are 2 anniversaries and 4 birthdays in the family that month and to add the house stuff on top of that and I don’t even know what day it is anymore. 😀

Peeps, I am really tired. Bone tired. I can’t imagine if I had been trying to do that second job on top of this rehab and my regular job.  It just wouldn’t have been possible.  Once the move happens this weekend, the worst should be over, though, and there won’t be the daily traveling back and forth between the houses.

Trying to get some normalcy with our usual Bagel Wednesday!


It’s nice that this place is a little over a mile from the new house and we will be able to walk there if we want.

It’s all decorated for Halloween, too:


Pixie had her first visit to the new house.  She has never moved as she was a foundling outside the door of our current house.  I was curious as to how she would handle it, so we brought her over on Monday to spend the day with us.  She was a little freaked out at first, scurrying around and meowing and then after a couple hours of sniffing deposited herself on the floor in the living room by me.  When we came back to the house in the evening (we left here there as we had to grocery shop), she settled into the kitchen while we worked.


We brought her back home around 9 pm that night and settled in to watch football.  This is what she did:


Sacked out LOL!

Anyhoo, it is about time I started setting some goals for myself again.  This is the plan for October.

1. Move.  We are planning for moving the big stuff *this* weekend!

2. Get back to the gym.  Now that the heavy duty rehab stuff is done and we will be living in the new place, I can get back to training again.  I was using all the strength and stamina I had built up for rehabbing the house. Thank goodness for that or I never would have made it.  Now it is time to get back to routine again.  Plus the gym is only 2 miles from the new house! Woo Hoo!

3. Get my eating back into some semblance of normal.  Less processed quick stuff and more cooked things.  Less eating out, which is good for the pocketbook and pants.

4. Finish the dining room.  This room needs the rest of wallpaper removal and paint.  Really easy on the scale of projects, but it will take time.  The good thing is that I can be working on the walls while watching football once we get moved 😀

Setting some goals makes it feel like we might get a normal schedule again… right??

Here are a few more pictures of progress that has been made. Here is something that didn’t work as planned.  My doors. These are to cover the radiator area and still let heat into the room.  I loved how the doors came


Everything was hunky dory on these at first because I did my measurements with the door off on the cabinet to the right.  Well, there is not enough room for the new doors to go on with the other door in place and I can’t move the other door. So, we have to fashion new smaller doors.  Although, the idea behind them is exactly what I envisioned. Execution is the problem here.  These are the things in rehab that are really annoying.  Supposed to work, but don’t.

The shower now works – woo hoo!  The final part was the charm.  This is the trim unit we needed.


We had to find the trim that fit the installed valve. Finding this model was a real PITA (and expensive).  If we couldn’t find the trim that fit the valve, it would have meant tearing off the tub surround and replacing the valve in the wall (not a job we would do), then replacing the surround, which was not in the plan…at least not now.  Just this valve trim alone was over $200. Can you believe it?  Kohler brand.  Or should I say Koh$er brand.  Now it is time to clean a super grimy shower before we put our tootsies in there.  It’s gross.

Stove is in and the marble is grouted.


I love the marble it! LOVE IT!  Maybe some year we will convert to a gas stove, which would be wonderful.  We also got the fridge today.  The kitchen is now functional and just needs small things done like some caulk lines and shoe molding… and the cabinet door do over  🙄  

Tonight I get to be at the old house doing laundry, working and packing. Fun, fun!!

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31 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. Shelley B

    Your new shower thingie looks like a music note – how appropriate! 🙂

    Love the backsplash in the kitchen.

    Hopefully being able to watch football will ease the tedium of tearing down wallpaper. It’s the little things, right?

    1. Lori Post author

      All the little things add up to routine, don’t they? You don’t think about it much until they get disrupted.

  2. debby

    That would have killed me to pay that much for just one part of a faucet! You didn’t get a shower head or anything else with it? Plus, doing all that work on those doors, and then they don’t fit. Eek.

    I’m glad you are getting little bits of normalcy in between the work!

    Your stove sure looks like mine. Only new. I cleaned my stove today, motivated by how nice yours looked. It needed to get cleaned anyway after being outside for a month.

    It sounds like a lot of things will be nearer to the new house!

    1. Lori Post author

      It about killed me to pay that much. It’s ridiculous, but still less expensive than it would have been to replace the valve and surround. And no, it was just the shower faucet. No shower head or tub spout. Those would have been extra. I am so in the wrong line of work.

  3. Sandi

    I love your countertop and backslash, it’s so pretty! I can’t believe how fast you’ve gotten all this work done. I’m sure it probably doesn’t seem fast to you, but it really is amazing. You must need a vacation 🙂 I’m sure sitting in your beautiful house will be the pay off you are looking forward to, though.

  4. Kim

    I’m still in shock about the price of the shower thingie. Maybe you need to do a Kohler review. Hope it feels like a spa.

    1. Lori Post author

      I knew Kohler was an expensive brand and I wasn’t really thrilled to see that was the brand we needed to replace, but at least it is done. When we completely redo the bath, I imagine I will keep the faucets LOL!

  5. L

    That shower connection/faucet thingy may be pricey, but wow, its nice. And the kitchen rehab looks great. I wish I were half as ambitious as you. Nice job, Lori!

  6. Helen

    I am LOOOOOOVING your kitchen! Want!

    Sorry about the price of the shower fixture. I’ve always said plumbers and plumbing suppliers were a bunch of bandits 😉

    The photo of Pixie killed me. “Moving is exhausting mom.”

  7. Jody - Fit at 55

    Yahoo for bagel day & hopefully normalcy soon!!!!!!!!!! Pixi – cracks me up!!! I can only imagine once you move – she will be exhausting herself out for a while exploring! Glad that you are closer though & the move is happening!

    YIKES on that $200 – holy crap!

    Happy new home Lori!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Biz

    Seriously, can I hire you to do my kitchen? It’s circa 1972, with nasty ass tack paper that is glued to the bottom of every cabinet and will not come off no matter how I try. I’ll have to win the lottery to get a better kitchen though!

    Hopefully October will be more normal for you! And tell John I like his football lounging pants – I can’t get my husband to wear them to save my life!

  9. Roz@weightingfor50

    Not surprised you are tired at ALL Lori!!! Hang in there, it’ll all fall neatly into (your new) place! OMG…Pixie!!!! The sacked out pic is adorable!!!!
    (I love her fluffy Sasquatch feet! Neva has foot fur too.) Take care Lori!!!!

  10. Linda E.

    All that hard labor and it is turning out beautiful. Kinda new looking in a house that age, works very well. So clean and refreshing.
    I will miss looking for you as I jog by in the evenings 🙁

    On a side note, we went to Scotia/Glenville to get a $100 cast iron claw foot tub in perfect shape. So excited, until it was time to purchase the fittings, same story cost more that 2x the price of the tub. Don’t feel bad, Lol.

  11. Leah

    The house is looking wonderful! I love how Pixie is passed out like visiting the new house was exhausting for her. lol

    Good idea to set goals… my October will be busier than pretty much any other month, but I am also getting back into a normalcy I haven’t felt in months. It’s nice.

    Good luck with the moving this weekend!

  12. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I love the marble too. Classic style but with a bit of a modern touch.

    I can imagine how wiped out you are right now. Won’t it be wonderful to have a bit of down time in the next while.

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, down time will be wonderful. Even though there will still be a lot to do, there won’t be so much urgency.

  13. Fran

    It is all starting to look so great! I love Pixie hanging out with John after a tired day in her new house. I think in the end she won’t matter where her house is, as long as you both are there.

    So exciting you are moving this weekend! If I lived closer I would definitely come and help you move. Hopefully you will get some rest once you live permanently in Radiance Manor.

  14. Another Lori

    Ooh,I love everything in the kitchen- the wood counters, the white cabinets and appliances, the marble- it all looks so pretty and clean. Can’t wait to see it all when it’s done!

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