Friday and moving weekend!

It’s Friday!  Not too much is blooming in my garden right now and I didn’t have time for pictures, but I did get a couple downtown of the mums:





Now that we don’t have a leaky porch roof anymore, I put out my little scarecrow:


Saturday is supposed to be very rainy. We were going to move the big stuff, but now are putting that off until Sunday. We are renting a truck.  I know I vowed never to move stuff myself, but with the expense of the roof and the heating system (whenever that happens), I made the decision to get the truck and move stuff. John left that decision up to me, pretty much.  Good thing I have been strength training.  It wont’ be that bad, though, I hope.  We have actually been taking stuff over with our daily trips and have moved quite a bit of stuff already. It’s the big stuff on Sunday like the china cabinet, table and bed.  Still ugh, though.

The most important thing has been at the house for a bit:


I made chili in the crockpot to bring with us to cook at the house. I used up about 5 cans of things like tomatoes, beans, sauce, etc and was all excited thinking about using up all that stuff before moving.  Then it dawned on me that I was bringing it over anyway…


Please don’t laugh, but I was so paranoid about having the crockpot on my new wood counters LOL!  I kept checking the counter for scratches or to make sure it wasn’t burning a hole in it.  Of course, they were fine.

So was the chili!


We are putting the finishing touches on the kitchen.  It’s so exciting to see it now!  It feels like a home and not a disaster area.


I forgot to mention the other day about the return of the pink picture!  Every October, I post a picture of something pink and ask that you click on the link below to help fund mammograms for women.  It’s free to click and you can do it every day.

Today’s pink picture?


Firehose connections on the library! 

The Breast Cancer Site

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14 thoughts on “Friday and moving weekend!

  1. debby

    Happy move-in day!!! What an adventure this has been. And I’ve got a feeling that its just beginning! Treat yourself to some froyo after the moving is done!

  2. E. Jane

    You will love this house once you get moved in and settled! I love your kitchen, and the whole house is very charming. I hope your move goes well.

  3. Helen

    I wish you had some friends or family who could help you with the big stuff. That is so very tiring to do (speaking from experience here). Good luck on getting it all done and I’ll send some prayers that the rain stops quite early so you have as much time as you need on Sunday. Can’t wait to see you all moved in!!

  4. Fran

    By now you should have moved in to your new home! I hope you and John and Pixie will have a lot of happy years in this house!

    The kitchen looks so great, you did a great job on renovating it.

  5. Biz

    I absolutely LOVE your counter tops, and I would have been afraid to put anything on them too. 😀 Glad you had a productive weekend – welcome home!

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