As if I weren’t busy enough!

This has been some weather this week!  We hit 78 yesterday and the overnight low was around 60, so that meant biking for breakfast! 


Happy bike face!! We haven’t been on the bikes in 2 weeks and it felt good.  Of course, we now live 1 mile from the coffee shop instead of 6, so we took a circuitous route there to add some miles.

 Fall plantings downtown:


It’s so warm that it feels like summer around here.  Looks like fall, though:


Work has been really busy, which is a good thing. For a while there, I was concerned about not enough work after losing my main account, but they gave me some more work and I think maybe a couple MTs left or something because there has been plenty of work lately. Feast or famine and I will have to feast as much as I can 😀

My snack with my afternoon latte – Newman Ginger O’s:


I have a good relationship with food now, but I still have those foods I don’t let in the house for fear of bingeing on them. Newman Ginger O’s are one of those foods. I have decided to bring those foods into the house and learn that I don’t have to eat them all at once.  Of course, I won’t be having them all here at the same time 😀  I have been doing okay with these cookies.

Work is progressing on the dining room. Painting has begun (YAY!!!) and I finally chose a light fixture.


I really struggled with this one as we wanted something Tiffany, but I was afraid the diffusion of the light wouldn’t be enough.  I had looked at this fixture and really liked it, but I thought it was too small for the room at 13 inches.  You are supposed to take the length of the room on the diagonal and that should be the size of your ceiling fixture in inches (according to experts). This room is 17.5 feet in diagonal, which means a 17 inch fixture. I finally decided to go ahead and get the light I liked since I kept coming back to it.  And you know – it fits just fine! Not too small and I love it.  Goes to show that the experts aren’t always right.

On top of all this, I got an email from my old soap client last week asking for more soap.  It’s always an ’emergency’ for her (not sure why she cannot plan it better, but whatever).  I told her we had just moved and it would take some time to get them to her, but I just can’t turn the order down. It’s several hundred dollars and with the rehab and owning 2 houses, it is much needed $$$  😀

So, I had to find my molds and all the stuff in the pile of boxes and set myself up in the basement main room as I am *not* making soap in my brand new kitchen.

My alchemy station by the giant fireplace in the basement.


Finished soap:


I am about 3/4 done with the order. Just another couple days.  Then I am sure something else will crop up…

Today’s pink item?


Random floral vase. This normally isn’t out – or wasn’t at our old place. Still finding homes for a ton of stuff 😀

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19 thoughts on “As if I weren’t busy enough!

  1. E. Jane

    You look very cute with your “bike face.” You amaze me with your energy and your talent for renovation. You should become a professional.

  2. Lori's Mom

    Well, I just have to say, when I look at your “Happy Bike Face” I see Cindy Lou Who! I love the photo of your soap making supplies and the fireplace. Except for the plastic buckets, it looks like the photo could have been taken back in the olden days. Your first batch of soap in your new house…and the bars look great!

  3. debby

    How fun that you got a bike ride this late in the year. I love those decorative cabbages but one time I had them and a dog pulled every one of them up. Maybe I’ll try again next year. Your soaps look so pretty.

    I never knew that rule about the lights. My biggest room (living room) has no ceiling fixture.

    1. Lori Post author

      We have ceiling fixtures to get for all the rooms. The kitchen and nook I knew right away that I wanted the schoolhouse lights, but the other rooms have been a challenge.

  4. Leah

    We have had similar weather here…crazy for this time of year. Woke up to beautiful 58 degrees today though. 🙂

    I love your Iight fixture!

  5. Helen

    Holy moly you are busy but I so get wanting to grab the extra $$ while you can!

    It makes me happy to read that you are allowing certain foods back in. You know, living with someone who has NO food issues, I’ve had to learn to just not eat stuff, even if I really, really like it. It has been a good exercise for me especially as I’ve worked on my no more dieting lifestyle.

    Also? I noticed that the design on the cookies compliments your ring very nicely 😉

    1. Lori Post author

      We don’t have room to put stuff on top of cabinets in this house because they go up to the ceiling, so I figured I had better just be okay with those foods in the house.

      I could wear the cookies as an accessory. That way I would always have a snack on hand 😀

  6. Sarah

    I LOVE that fixture, kind of art nouveau, great addition!

    I am impressed by your soaps! Hubby and I tried to make soap one time but it seized. Grated it up and tried to make it into goats milk soap….mostly just got dozens of semi-soft, tar colored, soap-thingies, ha!

    You’re very skilled….

  7. Fran

    We are having the same weather as you have right now, October is unusually warm.

    I wouldn’t turn the extra $$$ down either. In a couple of days you are done with it and it’s cashing time 🙂

    There aren’t particular foods that I eat a lot off. If I have cravings I eat everything that’s available. But that hasn’t happened in months. Because I don’t have love for certain foods I don’t have foods that I don’t buy.

  8. Biz

    Glad you went back with the light fixture that you loved – its beautiful! Hooray for extra $$$ when you need it – even if it’s stressful, love that you have a “dedicated” soap working station that isn’t your kitchen. 😀

  9. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    There’s a huge difference in our strategies – I have just learned NOT to keep certain foods in the house. Of course, we are in a vastly different place in our food journey as well. I wonder if I can look forward to a time when I can actually do that and be successful. The soaps look lovely and then I got to thinking some of them look like fudge. LOL

    Cool light fixture, good Tiffany compromise. You’re a whirling dervish of activity, I shake my head in wonder at you.

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