Fall foliage

Fall is in the air! Other than being warm, of course.  The leaves have hit their peak now.



So love the colors of fall.

Here are some photos on our walk today:




Not exactly sure what is up with this squirrel. It’s not really a fall decoration and he is tied into the tree.  Weird.





Here is one of my potted plants that rebloomed!


A lot of our fall decorations are in a box somewhere, but I did manage to find my sign welcoming the trick-or-treaters:


We need to check with the neighbors and see how many kids come for Halloween. We are a few blocks from the school, so it could be a lot.

I sure am glad it is Friday.  Gotta work some, though.  We got a tax bill for the new house already – eek!


Today’s pink picture:


Click, click!

The Breast Cancer Site

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5 thoughts on “Fall foliage

  1. Jody - Fit at 55

    I so miss autumn from back east & always wished it lasted longer! 🙂 LOVE the pics & decorations! SHould be fun at your new house for Halloween!!! YIKES on the tax bill though!!!

  2. Kim

    Love all the fall colors – our trees have been slow to turn and lots of them are already turning brown and losing leaves.

  3. Fran

    Fall is my favourite season, I love the colors. I had a walk planned yesterday and almost opted out of it but I did go and no regrets, it was so beautiful.

    I’ve noticed that the sidewalk in one photo is in really bad shape. Are all sidewalks like that in the USA? Asking out of curiosity because here in Holland sidewalks and bike paths are very good.

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