Dining Room reveal and CocoVia winners!

First off, the winners of the CocoVia coconut water are:


you had me at ICY COLD since we are mooooving back to TEXAS.



I’ve never tried coconut water, but I needed something to kick my ridiculous diet soda addiction.

Please email me at javaqueen01@yahoo.com with your address by Sunday  (10/26).

I know that I owe you kitchen pictures, but I have to get them organized as there are a lot more than for the dining room.  Finally finished the dining room and got it cleaned up.  It’s amazing how messy removing wallpaper and painting is. Ugh. More the wallpaper than anything else.  Anyway, this room had 4 loverly layers of wallpaper on the bottom half and there was so much wall prep to be done. After removing the paper, then I had to get the glue backer off, patch holes and then sand all the walls (talk about working up a sweat!).  This is what we were working with:







This doesn’t look too bad in pictures, but there was a lot of damaged wallpaper. It’s just was a little stodgy looking and dated as well. (The last picture I had sanded and polyed the floor, so that looks nice).

I left the chair rail up. I like chair rails, particularly in the dining room.  It gives you options for paint colors!

Lots and lots of work on the walls. Wall prep is really the most time consuming thing, but good prep means better finished product.  I have been wanting to use a cranberry color for a long time and this room seemed perfect because with the chair rail – it wouldn’t be too overwhelming or make the room seem smaller.  The upper half of the room is done in Olympus Golden Mushroom.  It’s cream colored and not what I would call mushroom at all, but whatever.


The bottom half is Olympus Merlot, which I looooove!


My bargain china cabinet that I couldn’t wait to get into this house many months ago when I found it!

china cabinet


I wish it was sunny out for this picture because it is such a bright room, but we have had rain for the last few days:



We need to either thrift or build a buffet for in here. It’s sparse on furniture LOL!  The walls are cement, so it is going to take time for us to hang the art work. Our light frames we can use Command picture hangers, but the heavier items I don’t trust with that and we need to drill anchors. That means careful planning of where we want the photos since they won’t move for a while 😀

Each room that we do in this house erases the neglect this house suffered for a while and makes it more ours.  I am going to take a break from wallpaper removal for the rest of October as we still have a ton of boxes to unpack and organize.  November will start the living room.

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20 thoughts on “Dining Room reveal and CocoVia winners!

  1. debby

    I love the bank of windows with the beautiful fall foliage outside! And of course your beautiful table. Oh, and all the work you did on the room is pretty cool too 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      I love how these windows overlook the back yard. Once I get the garden done (in a few years HA!), it will be really nice to look out over.

  2. Helen

    You must feel such a sense of accomplishment when you wander through there! Not to mention there aren’t many people who can say they built their own dining room table.

  3. Biz

    My Mom had that color in her dining room too and I absolutely loved it – not a color I would pick myself though – I painted my old dining room dark blue with white accents!

  4. Fran

    Wow! I love it! What a great room you made of it.
    Are you going to put curtains in front of the windows? I love to close curtains on Winter days, feels like we are cocooning in our own house then.

    But I really love what you did with this room, great job and great taste.

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