October wrap up!

Happy Halloween!  This was the last pumpkin to carve. It was getting mushy on the top and I waited until last night to do it.


This pattern was kind of hard to do. It’s funny that they look like a jumble when carving them and then when the light is in then you see it.

Sometimes it seems like  a month will go by fast, but for some reason October seemed really long. We both commented on that today.

Anyway, I did make a few goals for October and this is the result:

1. Move.  Done and never again. Ever.  Still have a lot of boxes to unpack and rooms to finish, but the worst is over.  Now if only the old house would sell.

2. Get back to the gymI just got back this week, nothing like cutting it close 😀 , although I still need to get some kind of schedule going with it. It felt good to be lifting again and I wasn’t even sore the next day, which I think is because of all the physical work that we did on this house using all my muscles.

3. Get my eating back into some semblance of normal.  This is a work in progress. We are definitely cooking more, but I still have been snacking too much.

4. Finish the dining room. Done!  Other than hanging pictures.



Next up is the living room LOL!  I promise on Sunday I will do the before and after of the kitchen, too.


Have a great weekend and safe Halloween!


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6 thoughts on “October wrap up!

  1. debby

    That is an extremely fancy pumpkin! I can’t believe you can do all those little intricate pieces without cutting them off!

    As always, good goals. Pretty similar to the goals I would have. if I actually made goals…

  2. E. Jane

    The dining room looks beautiful! You’re going to love your new house. Bravo on a job well done! I hope Pixie is happy too. She probably is, with so much space to roam.

  3. Kim

    Fancy pumpkin!
    You are the 2nd person that I’ve heard say October seemed long – must be that extra day:)
    Your dining too looks gorgeous and I LOVE your table!!!

  4. Fran

    Considering how busy you’ve been you did very good on your goals. I need to get back to regular exercising too and watch what I put in my mouth. I haven’t been this heavy in years.

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