Leg day and surprise visitor

We have such cold and blustery weather now, but I am not complaining after seeing what poor Western NY is going through.  It’s sad to hear about people having heart attacks shoveling snow, but why are people trying so hard to shovel 7 feet of snow out of the driveway when the roads are impassable anyway? No one is going anywhere for a while. Stay safe, people.

I bundled up to head out to the gym. Thursday is standard lower body around here lately.

Exercise Set/rep
Leg extensions 3 sets of 10, plus drop set
Seated hamstrings curl 3 sets of 10, plus drop set
Step-ups 3 sets of 10, plus drop set
Stiff-legged deadlifts 3 sets of 10, plus drop set
Standing hip abduction 3 sets of 10, plus drop set
Standing calf raise 3 sets of 10, plus drop set

I have some trouble with drop sets on my legs because once I drop to the lightest weight, I can go forever because my legs are pretty strong and recover fast, so I just stopped on some of these after 2 extra sets. I did 35 minutes of walking on the treadmill as well to complete an hour workout.

I was mentioning the other day about the 3 sections of my gym. Here is the weight machine/cardio area.


The cardio machines are in a raised area to the right so that you may look down upon all people using weights 😉

So, we had an interesting visitor yesterday. Those of you on FB saw this already.  There was a knock on the door and it was the former owner of the house that got foreclosed on. He was offering to sell back to us some of the items that he took out of the house – one of which was the French doors that were missing from the North room.  I actually did let him in the front door because part of me wanted to show what  a little care given to the house did for it and he was fairly jaw dropped at the change in the kitchen.  I kept stressing what poor shape the house was in when we got it.  Anyway, we won’t be buying anything from him – original pieces or not.  He should be giving us those items rather than trying to sell them to us.  Not to mention that all the things he was saying about the situation were the opposite of what everyone else has said.  He seems like someone who can never accept responsibility.  Guess that is why he got foreclosed on and the other trouble that he has had.  Loser.  

Anyway, the foreclosed owner has stopped by and the owner before that stopped by.  I really, really hope the original owners don’t come visit because it will be from the grave!  😯 

We had dinner out tonight. John’s football meal again.  He is on quite the roll and my picks suck!  I must change that.  Anyway, we tried a new place for some pizza.  I got a calzone:


This was pretty good. Not as good as East End Eatery, but a smaller size, which is always good 😀

Now home to practice some guitar and then do the wallpaper removal dance while Thursday Night Football is on!

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13 thoughts on “Leg day and surprise visitor

  1. Kim

    So weird about the previous owner – glad you didn’t buy anything from him. You are so right – he should have given you the stuff since it belonged to the house – he sounds like a total jerk!!!
    That calzone looks tasty!

  2. debby

    This afternoon I had to Google to make sure you weren’t near Buffalo!

    Yesterday at the gym I tried doing drop sets on some of my exercises and yeah, I could do a lot of them.

    I’m glad you didn’t buy anything from that guy. Kinda strange that you’ve had visits from two previous owners.

    1. Lori Post author

      I find it strange that so many people want to offer us information about this house, too. It is a fairly distinctive house, so a lot of people recognize it. Also – the dirtbag owner had a taxi company in town, so his name got around.

  3. Helen

    What an idiot! And what nerve! Maybe you should stop answering the door… unless of course it’s me 😉

    Did you even manage to get wallpaper off last night? That was some football game!

    1. Lori Post author

      That was a good game! I cannot believe I was actually rooting for the Raiders. As a Broncos fan – that is like being a traitor, but it helps that the Chiefs lost.

  4. Shelley B

    That guy was creepy, and a lowlife to boot. How bizarre to try and SELL YOU things that went with the house. At least now you know for sure that the weird things (like the hollow-core doors that you’ve already removed) truly weren’t meant to be there.

  5. Linda E.

    Wall paper removal is never fun, however in the end it is rewarding to see a fresh wall. Blank slate to put your creative touch on. Have you tried FX3, Fit food fast, or something like that? We went last Friday, I was ok with it, as I try to do smaller portions when dining out, but David felt, not so grand, he wanted to know “done with appetizers, now where is my dinner?”. Lol

    1. Lori Post author

      We haven’t gone to FX3 yet. We were going to try it out, but there weren’t a lot of vegetarian options that John was interested in.

  6. Jody - Fit at 55

    Saw that snow stuff on the news – so sad!!!! Yes, stay safe!

    I love all the cleaning bottles in your gym. Mine can be a search at times & the gym is not that clean so…..

    OMG on the foreclosed owner!!!!!! Well, you know the house was loved by many & it is yours now!!!!

    Looking forward to a guitar video! 🙂

  7. Fran

    He definitely got some nerves to do that. Good for you for not buying those things, you are right, he should have given them to you.

    I heard on the news that the weather in the US is horrible right now, especially in some parts. Still no sign of real winter weather here.

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