Turkey Day feast!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving – or regular Thursday 😀

We had all that snow on Wednesday night and it sure was pretty in the morning.  We had to shovel 2 driveways, though.  We haven’t hired a service to do the old house yet.

I did my Turkey Trot at the gym.


I did about 3.5 miles after cooling down. I actually did some slow jogging intervals (4.3 mph) to mix things up and my leg was okay with it. Maybe I will try just that pace and see if I can build up any jogging distance. There is that point when brisk walking where it is just easier to start jogging, you know?


Anyhoo, we headed on down to my sister’s for the family shindig through the snowy landscape:


Table for 9, please!




This hard cider is really good.  I think I drank the most out of the bottle, too. Pretty unusual for me, but it went down easy  😯 


Nom, nom, nom!


Some of us bundled up and took our usual postprandial walk around the tree nursery property (my BIL is the caretaker of it and they live on the property). It was starting to snow again, too. 


We took the doggies.  Gryffon is the Clumber and Lizzie is the lab.










We then had dessert and games.  New one this year was Mexican Train:



This is a good game for all ages, although youngest niece didn’t like it too much.  

I had a slow day at work today. Lot of doctors were out on holiday, so it made for a slow day, but that meant I could get a lot of painting done!  We were out for lunch and stopped at a thrift store to check furniture. You know I am still on the lookout for a couple chairs for the nook. Anyway, I found something else:



One of the back legs is partially missing, so this was $4.  It still stands fine and I want it for looks, not for serving tea.  It was totally tarnished, but I love the shape.  I should have taken a picture of how it looked before I cleaned it up. I used some Barkeeper’s Friend to take off most of the tarnish, but left it in the crevices.  This will have a home on the mantle.

John was busy outside hanging lights today – and a wreath on our door:



It’s hard to believe December is almost here.  This weekend is Shop Local!  We will be going to an arts open house shopping this weekend (girls’ day out!)

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14 thoughts on “Turkey Day feast!

  1. Kim

    I’m going to make the most obscure comment:). I use the word shindig and it cracks up my middle schoolers. They’d never heard the word. Glad you had a fab shindig.

  2. Shelley B

    That snow is pretty – it looks like Christmas to me instead of Thanksgiving, though!

    How fun to decorate the new house for Christmas! Sweet deal on that teapot; I always like a little “antiquing” (or tarnish, as others say) in the crevices of silver pieces – I think it brings out the design.

  3. deb

    I think Mexican Train is also called Chicken Foot….now i’ve played that but its been years…. We had four in our little Thanksgiving group… two wanted to play games and two didn’t… ah well…. Stay warm! Hugs! deb

  4. debby

    What a nice day you had! And with exercise at both ends of it. The snow is so pretty–at your house 🙂

    I’ve played that Mexican train. I don’t remember how to play it, but I remember it was fun.

  5. Kim

    I can’t believe all that snow!! We actually had a little warm-up this weekend and it has been awesome!!!
    Your home looks beautiful in the snow!!!

  6. Fran

    Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. Love your sister’s dogs by the way. I always try to take a walk on Christmas day, good to have some exercise with all the food on that day.

    I love your house, it’s perfect for snow and Christmas, it looks like a Dickens house this way.

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