Upper body and mantle decorations

Its that time of year where it is hard to get out of a snuggly warm bed to go to the gym.  If I didn’t actually like going, it probably wouldn’t happen as often 😀  I guess other people feel that way because it was really empty in the gym this morning. I was chatting with the employee and we were wondering where everyone was.

The iron den section all to myself!


No one was there to see my nice attire.  Cupcake socks 😀


John got me these. I don’t remember if I showed them before or not.

Now I have moved to doing an upper body split/ lower body split, which means twice a week I do lower body and once upper and then the next week will be twice upper and once lower.  Today was upper body.

Exercise Set/rep
Cable lat pulldown 3 sets of 10
Barbell bench press 3 sets of 10
Seated lat row 3 sets of 10
Lateral raise 3 sets of 10
Bent over cable row 3 sets of 10
Incline chest fly 3 sets of 10
YTWL 3 sets of 4 (each letter)
 Triceps kickback  3 sets of 10

Here is a link to a video of me doing the YTWL a few years ago (and a size smaller as well… )  I like this kind of split better because I don’t like to focus on my biceps since they respond really well to training with other upper body exercises and I don’t really need to work them by themselves.  I know they always say women don’t bulk up with strength training, but my biceps will. Not the rest of me, but just my biceps.

I did some walk/jog intervals on the treadmill getting in my 60 minutes today.  I was pretty hungry for breakfast. Good thing it doesn’t take long to make protein waffles!


 I think Pixie has found a new spot. Now that we have our Christmas tree up, Pixie has been laying in this window with the sun and by a warm radiator:



She is showing off her big feet, too. 😉

I mentioned the other day that working on the little half bath was the December goal. This is the room:



It mostly needed cleaning when we first moved in. The toilet had a bunch of stickers all over it, needed a new wax ring and being cleaned because of the filth that was left in it :barf:.  I would like at some point to replace the sink way in the future because it is a huge sink and not to scale for this bathroom. It doesn’t look so big in this picture, but in person it is large. Whoever designed the 2 bathrooms did not understand the concept of scale.

The walls actually look good until you get to this wall:



It’s nice that a thoughtful child tried to color in the missing wallpaper, too 😀  So, there is some wall repair here as well.  

Anyhoo – We are getting pictures hung up in the living room bit by bit.  I will show the whole room once we get that done, but here is the progress on the mantle for the holidays:


Bit by bit things are coming together.  It’s never ending, though. I wish I had a never ending budget!

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12 thoughts on “Upper body and mantle decorations

  1. Kim

    Where is Pixie’s stocking? Or is it John’s stocking missing;)? I am amazed at Pixie’s self-control that she doesn’t claw at those curtains. Yes, I’m a bit Pixie obsessed.

    1. Lori Post author

      Pixie does not have a stocking. It’s funny, we have a stocking for our old cat, Chloe, and every year it is still in the box with Christmas decorations and it makes me sad to see it.

      Pixie doesn’t claw at the curtains. Even if she tried, she doesn’t have front claws. Her feet were deformed and she had to be declawed since her claws were ingrown.

  2. debby

    Yes, you are getting me in the Christmas decorating mood!

    I really like that sink in the bathroom, too bad its the wrong size. I see they have the fancy brass fixtures in this bathroom as well. What a shame about the wall–were they trying to remove wallpaper with a jackhammer??

    1. Lori Post author

      It actually is a nice sink. The fixtures were more high end and I imagine they just liked them and made them fit.

      That wallpaper area is in a prime spot for picking at, if you get my meaning… I imagine a small bit of loose paper and then it became that big patch. Pulling the paper off pulled off the plaster around the door frame. These are all the things that annoy me about the previous owner, and yet if the property wasn’t in this condition we never would have been able to afford it.

  3. Kim

    Dang, that move looks hard – can’t wait to try it next week!!!
    I hate removing wallpaper and it is so much worse in a bathroom – enjoy!!!

  4. Satu

    Pixie looks like a lioness in that picture! 🙂

    I envy your workouts. For a couple of months I’ve only managed to collect some steps and do some salsa (my daily step goal is 10000) but almost no weight training. 🙁

  5. Fran

    Love how the mantle looks, very seasonal.

    I have so much trouble getting up in the morning these days for my run or other exercise. I am so looking forward to the end of next week when my 2 week vacation starts and I can exercise/run when it’s light.

  6. Uncle Dick



    love your dining room table that you and john built together. u guys did a great job. i love to decorate, not just at christmas time, but all year long.


    Aunt Bobbye loves your decoratig style, and we’re both so happy that you and John have the chance to do your thing on the house that you waited so long to get!

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