Festival of Trees!

Normally we like to do the Christmas in the Country, but Saturday weather was pretty yucky.  There was snow overnight and sloppy slush going on, which wasn’t conducive to driving in the country and on some dirt roads.  So, we decided to do something in town, which was the Festival of Trees!

Festival of Trees

The FOT benefits Prospect Center, which is a nonprofit that helps developmentally disabled and at-risk individuals and this is their primary fundraiser. Businesses and individuals create holiday trees and they are all on display for one weekend.  You can actually buy these trees once the weekend is over as well – which is pretty neat. 


There are a few rooms for viewing.  The nice thing about the crappy weather is that it wasn’t very busy when we were there and could get right up the the trees without bumping into people. Enjoy the photos!


This one was called “Peas Over the World”


Some of the trees were really big:


Some were tiny table top trees, including some humor:






Cuppicake Tree!


Red Cross Tree:





This tree was so pretty. It was called  Winter Roses and it had red roses and white baby’s breath in it.




Rainbow Tree!


Word with Friends Tree!



Definitely a lot of creative and talented people out there. I hope it raises a lot of money for the Prospect Center.  





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17 thoughts on “Festival of Trees!

    1. Lori Post author

      Actually, it probably was Peas on Earth and I remembered it funny LOL! It was next to the pizza one and we were making jokes on that, too 😀

  1. Kim

    OH – I loved seeing the trees!!! I think I missed our Festival of Trees. Pretty sure it was this weekend and between cleaning the venue every day, going to District Orchestra events and the Nutcracker I’m lucky (actually, the boys are lucky!!) that I made it to the grocery store and did the laundry.

    1. Lori Post author

      Our area crams so much in all the time. It seems there are multiple things to do every weekend and you just can’t see them all.

  2. Helen

    My city does a similar event which was held last Saturday. We’ve never gone because we have no interest in buying a pre-decorated tree and also because it always seems to clash with something else on the calendar.

    Those trees are gorgeous and I especially like the silvery ice skate. What a fun holiday event!

    1. Lori Post author

      It would be nice to buy a decorated tree because the prices were really amazing on a lot of the trees, but then I guess you have the same tree forever?

  3. Roz@weightingfor50

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love going to tree festivals like this! (love the idea of the globe tree stand!) My mom and I will be going to one on the weekend. The hospice that took such amazing care of my Dad has a tree there, and have sent families paper ornaments to hang as a tribute to their loved one. We’ve put a photo of my Dad on the ornament and will be hanging it there in his honor. AND….I’m welling up in tears as I write that. Oh dear….note to self: buy kleenex. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend Lori!

  4. Sharon

    Our city does a similar even called Fantasy of Trees that benefits our Children’s Hospital. It is a huge event held over Thanksgiving Weekend. The trees were lovely and that looks like a really beautiful room where the event is held.

  5. debby

    So fun to see! (I saw it last night on my iPhone, but too small to try to comment 🙂 ) I’ve never seen anything like this, but it seems like a good thing for community and fundraising!

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