Lifting and a tiny parade

I am going to be glad when the days start getting longer again.  Darker and darker in the a.m. for going to the gym. Even Pixie wasn’t up yet when I got up!

I started off with jogging/walking for 2.5 miles and then hit the weights.


Exercise Set/rep
Seated leg extension 3 sets of 10
Seated hamstrings curl 3 sets of 10
Step Ups 3 sets of 10
Good Mornings 3 sets of 10
Deadlifts 3 sets of 10
Alternating side lunges 3 sets of 10

My legs were tired after this, especially after the treadmill work. I am going to have to rethink how much jogging to do on leg days.  Not to mention we walked downtown this evening so I have a total of 4.5 miles on the footstep front today.

Things have been pretty routine around here pre holiday.  Work has been keeping me busy. It’s nice, actually.  I am not having to look for another job since it has been so busy, and they have just gotten a new hospital account, which hopefully I can get a couple work types on.  I specifically requested orthopedics if they have one. I miss doing the orthopedic work.  I still do the operative notes, but not the clinics. I don’t know if this job will ever feel rock solid stable, but it feels pretty good for right now.

I finally got up my Charming Tails christmas parade. I didn’t take it out last year since we thought we were going to be closing on the house shortly thereafter – HAHAHAHA!! Anyway, Pixie’s favorite board was taken from her:


Sucker that I am, I actually felt really bad about it.  I was going to paint the board white,  but then remembered I had some batting from doing my upholstery project and decided to fake snow it. 





The Old Cob Mill is one of my favorite pieces.



Of course, somebody did try to cram herself onto this and knocked over a couple figurines. Sigh.  At least none of them broke since they didn’t fall to the floor.  I put another board on a different radiator in the hopes that she will use that one instead, but you know when cats make up their minds about something…



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21 thoughts on “Lifting and a tiny parade

  1. Molly

    Haha! As soon as I read that you took the board away from Pixie I knew she’d be back! I can just picture her trying to slide in there… I have cats so am aware of their sneaky maneuvers.

    I wish you luck 🙂

  2. debby

    LOL, I was also thinking, oh boy, Pixie’s not going to be deterred by a few little pesky figurines! I think it would be easier to put the village on the other radiator!

    It kind of piqued my interest when you said you liked the orthopedic work. When I was a student nurse, that was the rotation I liked the least. It seemed like there were a lot of workmen’s’ comp patients trying to be worse than they were, and some of the patients were very demanding, and I have to admit, I was not very sympathetic. Of course, NOW I am more interested in orthopedics from a more personal point of view 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      She can get on any of the radiators, too. I even put a board with a towel on another radiator, but nope, she wants this one.

  3. Fran

    LOL at Pixie! The Christmas parade is so cute.

    I’m with you on longer days. Next Sunday is the shortest day here, after that we will slowly get longer daylight. I am really disliking walking in the dark at the moment because we also have lots of rain at the moment. Poor Bella doesn’t get many long walks these days. At least next week I can walk during the day with her.

  4. Shelley B

    Yep,I figured Pixie wasn’t going to let that display stay perfect…that was HER spot, Mom! 😉 Cute village, even with the addition of their version of Godzilla!

  5. Helen

    I would change that jog to a plain old walk on leg days if it was me. Save the jogging for upper body days.

    Pixie knows she rules the roost… I wouldn’t be suprised if she keeps knocking that cute village over lol!

  6. Lisa

    I do a lot of combo workouts–half weight lifting, half cardio. I find that if I do weights first then run on the treadmill I don’t have as much fatigue in my legs. But everyone is different…

    1. Lori Post author

      I can’t do the running after the lifting because of my weak thigh muscles. I can walk, but no jogging. Guess that is all the more reason to change those days up.

  7. Kathy W.

    When I saw that picture of Pixie, “It’s the Hard Knock Life” started running through my head. 🙂

    same way about my kitties. Usually, I just can’t move them from whatever spot they decided is theirs…like a bunched-up blanket on top of the washing machine…

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