Lake viewing and silver find

I got presents wrapped (or gift bagged) this weekend, which is earlier than usual for me – so yay!  Pixie now stays under the tree since I put my little village on her radiator board:



She is totally eyeing John”s present from his folks 🙂

The bathroom is just about done.  I had started painting on Friday using the golden mushroom that is in the dining room because I really like that color and I figured it would go well with the green floor.  However, once the first coat went on, I realized that it almost matched the fixtures enough to clash with them.  Oopsie!  So, we went to Lowes and started pondering colors.  I have a different vision for that room which is more blue, but until we change the floor, that isn’t going to happen.  So, I decided to use the same green color from the kitchen (and I had enough leftover paint to do it, too).

Old bathroom:


New bathroom!  Ready for company on Wednesday, just in time.



Remember that bad wall?


Much better now:


I decided to put up trim around the door because the bad condition of the wall around the door frame and I knew my repair skills of that weren’t as good as I wanted them to be. So the trim helps with that.  It needs painting, but it looks so much better.  The color also doesn’t show as green as it really is in real life.  More minty green.  Anyway, one more room down and I think I am done with any major stuff for the rest of the year.

We finally got some more things on the wall in the kitchen.  My great grandmother’s painted plates went up and they go so perfectly with the wall color!


I just mopped that part of the floor, which is why it is shiny, FYI…




We were at the lake on Saturday. The sun finally came out after days and days and it was so nice, except really cold 😀





Isn’t it just gorgeous! After being outside walking around, we headed to Cafe Vero to warm up with a coffee!  They moved to a new building and did a nice build out with a fireplace.



And do you love my latte art??  So cute!  Great latte, too.  They roast their coffee right on the premises.

I also have to show you another thrift find.  There is a thrift store really close to our new house and I like to stop by there on my way home from places hoping to find some chairs.  I dropped some stuff off there on Friday and looked around and scored with a great set up silver!



$15 total for these 3 pieces.  It had some tarnish on it and the person at the checkout asked if it could be cleaned and I said “Barkeeper’s Friend”.  It really is your friend! This is why people get rid of silver:



Then I find it and make it pretty again!



If I could just find the creamer and suger bowls, this would be complete. I am most stoked about the tray.  It will be serving cookies on Christmas Eve for our dinner!  

Okay, I think I have meandered around enough 😀

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20 thoughts on “Lake viewing and silver find

  1. Kim

    Wow – that silver tray really did clean up well. I didn’t know you could use BarKeeper’s Friend on silver – we use it at the venue to clean the sink all the time!!!
    Your small bathroom looks awesome.

  2. debby

    Very nice fix on the bathroom! Don’t you just love it when a room is all new and clean like that? It motivates me to do more cleaning 🙂

    Also, I think you are right to be more stoked about the tray. It seems like you don’t see as many of those as you do other pieces. It is a very pretty tray, and will look so nice with cookies on it!

    Poor Pixie. Did you put a heating pad under the tree for her? :))

    1. Lori Post author

      That spot under the tree is right by a radiator, so it is toasty warm for her and a comfy tree skirt. So, she is spoiled.

      I looked up that tray on and found a price of $78 for it, so I think I scored quite the deal there. The tea pot is $43 and the coffee pot is $45 on the same site. Not that I want to sell it, but it’s nice to have a thrift actually turn out awesome!

  3. Shelley B

    What is it with our Great Grandmothers? It seems like they all painted plates – beautifully, I might add. I have some and love them. I think it’s a lost art nowadays.

  4. Fran

    Love the silver!

    Girlfriend you are so handy. If we ever move and need to do things, I’ll buy you a ticket so you can come over and help R. I will be taking care of food and beverages 🙂

  5. Helen

    Love your grandmother’s plates on the wall – so pretty!

    Yes, you deserve a break for a bit. I hope you get to really enjoy the holidays in your new home.

  6. Biz

    I love barkeepers friend! I use it for all my cleaning – kitchen sink, bathroom tub, etc. Love that stuff.

    And just like Fran said, I wish I was as handy as you!

    1. Lori Post author

      It looks very good. I left the tarnish in the crevices so it shows the detail more. I don’t plan on serving coffee or tea in these, but I could 😀

  7. Linda E.

    Everything in your new home is coming together so nicely. I want to wish you and John, and of course, Pixie a very Merry Christmas. Hope your holiday season is filled with peace, hope, joy. Merry to you!

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