2014 Rewind

Almost the end of 2014 and what a crazy year it turned out to be!  One year ago at this time, we were thinking the house closing was going to be in less than a month and we would be rolling along. However, life had other plans for us.


– News came that the house closing was delayed for an unspecified amount of time. We were told 6 months to a year or possibly longer. Nothing like narrowing that down…   🙄  I have to admit that this waiting period was really hard for me because of the unknown.  It really set the year up to feel very unsettled.


– My Broncos made the  Super Bowl and then proceeded to lay the biggest egg on the field.

We took our trip to New Orleans with my mom, which was fabulous!




Then it was on to Colorado to visit John’s family! I wish they weren’t so far away.



The annual Healthy Heart Weekend was had!


Since we were delayed on closing on the Manor, I decided to do a few ‘small’ projects around the old house and redid the countertops.


I really don’t know why we didn’t tackle that before. It didn’t take that long and wasn’t that hard, although I did slice my hand pretty good.


More waiting on the house closing… and finally getting the bikes out for the year.  It was a slow start to biking season!

– This month started major work stress for me.  2014 was a rough year with the job, although it is much better now.


– More busy projects to keep my mind off the house, including redoing a table and my dresser:




My birthday!


With all the work stress, John asked if I wanted to get away for a weekend and we headed to Portsmouth, NH and it was so great to get away!


– I had a new iris bloom this year, the Honey Tiger:



– A good month of biking!


– I finished my very first upholstery projectWP_20140709_007:

After 2 years of literacy tutoring, it all came to an abrupt end with my learner and I decided that was it for me.

– I also started a second job, which I only did for a few weeks into August.


My sweet hubby’s birthday!


and FINALLY!!! after almost 9 months of waiting, we got the clear to close:


I have to say that seemed kinda like forever with no updates during that time. 

Then reno began:


That seems like eons ago…


It seems like from here on out for the year it has been project after project on the house!  Oh right, that’s because it was…


We had hoped to move into the Manor by the end of the month, but didn’t quite make it finishing up the kitchen until that last weekend:



Moving time!

The dining room was finished  this month:


Just in time for the annual pumpkin carving party!



– Finished the living room this month!



– Finished the downstairs powder room.


One room per month is about the pace around here 😀

Then of course was the first Christmas party at Radiance Manor!

What a crazy, crazy year.   At least we know one thing for 2015.  No moving!! 😀

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20 thoughts on “2014 Rewind

  1. Shelley B

    I am so relieved for you that the uncertainty of 2014, regarding moving, is finally over. It seemed rough from my viewpoint; I can’t imagine living with that month after month. May 2015 be smooth sailing for you!

    1. Lori Post author

      You know Shelley, it was so stressful. Probably some of the most stress I have ever felt over such a long period. Not to mention that whole work crap on top of it. I think I lost a bit of radiance from that waiting and it still is trying to come back. Every room we get done brings more back.

  2. Kim

    You had a busy crazy year for sure!!
    I love your new home – so gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how your garden comes along this year!!!

  3. debby

    I feel like I should say Happy Birthday 🙂

    I love that iris. I bought a couple last summer. I can’t even remember what color they are. It will be a fun surprise if/when they bloom.

    Is that the original floor in the bathroom? I don’t remember seeing it before. Pretty.

    1. Lori Post author

      That was the floor that was in the bathroom when we moved in, but that was put in during the 1990s, so not original to the house. That’s why we went green in this room instead of the blue I want because we aren’t replacing the floor for a while. Although…. it’s not much flooring to do, really.

  4. Helen

    Great recap. Even though I know the end, I was reading with bated breath waiting for the house closing LOL! But what a lovely, lovely way to end 2014. I can’t wait to see what you do with your gardens there!

  5. Lori's Better Half

    I also did the piano project this year, and 2 trips to Lost Wages, NV. You covered my business for me both times – ty!

  6. Fran

    It sure was a crazy year for you and I enjoyed being a part of it and read your blog for another full year again. Count me in for next year. Happy new year sweet Lori.

  7. Biz

    You had such a full year Lori!! Now you can just settle in and tackle each project as it comes – seriously, you’ve done more renovations to your new house in these few short months than I’ve done in nearly 14 years! Can I hire you? I’ll cook for you! 😀

  8. deb

    This has got to be a calmer year for you Lori. I wish you all the best…
    Wanna hear something funny? My bday is in June too and Hubby’s is in August..
    OOOooooOOoooo….lol Hugs! deb

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