Friday Randomness

End to another work week!  I won’t have a 3-day weekend like a lot of people, but I may actually get 2 days off 😀  A lot of time I pick up extra work on the weekends for extra $$, but I was productive enough today to make extra lines.  Yay!

I certainly have enough projects to keep me busy if I am not working. Today I  scored a deal on some cute little doors.  I found a goldmine of a group people to help me find vintage items and stuff and these came across my lap.


These are going to be used for a headboard for the guest bedroom. We have a trundle bed for that room (2 twins) and I wanted something for a headboard, but a full-size door would be way too big! These are probably cupboard doors or something, but the height and width work. I just need to attach them together. I will be painting these and likely do some kind of design in the panels. Now to get the room ready for these LOL!


More spiralizing – this time the zucchini!  


I wanted to try making an alfredo sauce and decided that zoodles would be a good choice so that I could save on the pasta calories.  Topped with grilled chicken and 1/4 cup of alfredo sauce:



Calories for this dinner are around 450. That much pasta would have easily added 200 calories to the dish.  I am stoked! – and I ate my veggies  :mrgreen: 

First official plant purchase for the new house, too:


It’s a floribunda called “Enchanted Evening”  and yes, I will be singing that all the time when I see it.  I am going to build a rose bed in the middle of the yard at some point, but I couldn’t resist ordering this one. I tried to order it a couple years ago and it got sold out, so I jumped on it.  It will arrive bare root in the spring and will probably have a temporary home in the existing sun bed for a while.  

Come on spring!!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. debby

    Oh boy! The gardening has begun!!

    I know the brand of spiralizer you got, but it seems like there is more than one model listed. Is one better than another?

    1. Lori Post author

      I have the 4-blade one. It is the newer version and the reason I got that one was because it was designed to be more compact,have less waste and it has the angel hair blade. I don’t know as one is any better than the other.

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