Hello from winter wonderland!

I took this picture a couple weeks ago before the latest batch of storms came through:



General winter snow cover and pretty normal. Then there is today:



We got 12.8 inches of snow yesterday. It is sunny and pretty, but bitter, bitter cold.



We had a service do the driveway/sidewalks at the old house. It’s just too much snow to remove from both driveways.  The worst part is the end of the drive – don’t you other snow people agree? All the snow pushed up from the plows that gets all packed in and with chunks of ice.  At least our counties around here are snow capable and do a good job with the roads.

We have been snug in the house, though.  I am loving what John  called my new studio:


I still need to get pictures hung up (and do the headboard). This room is going to get a lot of the flower pictures that I have taken over the years and had prints made.  The walls need to ‘cure’ for 10 days before I can use the command hooks to hang the pictures.

The trunk is progressing as well.  I got out that nasty paper liner, which smelled like mothballs, then I sealed the inside with a coat of Waterlox.


The hardware is all painted as well (with rustoleum):



I was going to stain the trunk, but then I did a slat on the back and didn’t like how dark it looked, so I am going to sand that off and then just put Waterlox on the whole thing. That will darken it a little, but not too much. It will look interesting with that coating and more of the “age imperfections” will come out, but it isn’t supposed to look brand new. 

I still need to work on the inner tray and then find a fabric to line the inside.  I need to get out and shop for that. Going a little stir crazy. I am glad to work at home and not have to drive in this stuff, but we have not left the house since we went to the Superbowl party on Sunday!

Here’s hoping it warms up a little and melts some snow before the next storm comes. Seems like we always get one around Valentine’s Day, so who knows. I think it is supposed to get to 30 degrees tomorrow, which is going to feel amazing.


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18 thoughts on “Snowy!

  1. Kim

    OMG, that snow at the end of the driveway is always the worst. I’m always sick and tired of it by then, and that snowplow mess is like cement. I can end my rant though. Very little snow this year in Missouri. Cross fingers, knock on wood.

    1. Lori Post author

      It is definitely a fun project. It takes a long time between steps waiting for it to dry after each cleaning or painting, though.

  2. Shelley B

    Yeppers, that is A LOT of snow! Wow. Good to hear that you aren’t having to shovel two driveways, at least.

    Your rug in the music room is really nice and picks up the wall color so well. It will be fun to see your photographs on the walls – I suspect too many of us just let our pictures live inside of our computers and phones. Printing them out is a good thing!

    That trunk is coming out really nice. I like the weathered look of the wood. Good decision not to stain it darker.

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s funny – that rug was in the room because we had nowhere else to put it. I don’t like the pattern so much in the room (and it is the wrong size), but the colors actually go really well!

  3. debby

    The trunk is gorgeous. You should go into the trunk repair business!! And yes, the snow…I am hesitant to tell you what it’s like out here.

    1. Lori Post author

      Do not tell me I need to go into business doing that LOL. I wouldn’t mind restoring furniture as a side business, though.

  4. Helen

    The rug in your music room is a great fit with your wall color – so very pretty. I like how feminine this room is coming out.

    Funny, I have a blog with snow pictures today too. The highways are clear now but the streets in my city are atrocious. And don’t get me going on the big mounds of snow at the end of driveways. I just want to move down south and enjoy it from afar.

    1. Lori Post author

      It is a more feminine room. Sorry male guests LOL! I think the other trunk I put in the room helps balance it out a little, though.

  5. Kim

    Oh, that trunk is looking awesome!!!
    We are supposed to get snow today but each hour that passes the snow chances get smaller and smaller – works for me!!!

  6. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    My wonderful neighbors take care of my driveway. (Sometimes it’s good to be the nice old spinster lady next door. LOL) Still, it’s a real challenge just getting out of my neighborhood to one of the plowed roads. I think it’s beautiful though.

    The trunk is really coming along. Leaving it lighter really shows off the hardware.

  7. Fran

    You sure have a lot of snow. It looks pretty but I wouldn’t trade. It’s just a bit cold here and some parts of the country have snow but we have been lucky with that so far. I did hear this morning though that yesterday evening one of the highways here were completely covered with ice. People couldn’t drive anymore and most have been in their car till 2 am. So glad I don’t live to far from work and we didn’t have it here.

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