Projects and Healthy Heart Weekend prizes

Yeah, more snow.  This was taken after the snow fell last night. We got maybe 4 or 5 inches?



John was out of town this weekend and missed this snow.

4 or 5 inches isn’t enough to stop girl time for breakfast for us northern peeps, though 😀


Now we are supposed to get a lot more tonight and tomorrow.  The snow wouldn’t be so bad if it got warm enough to melt off some before piling on new stuff…

Anyway, one week to the Healthy Heart Weekend!  Here are the prizes that will be given away this year:

Locally made peanut butter:


A huge jar of Stevia.  Please when you send me your photo, tell me if you would use stevia or not. 


And – A hand knit hat from Shelley!  I asked Shelley last minute  if she would be able to knit something and she busted this hat out so fast!


It’s very cute and super soft. 😀  The winner of this is going to be very lucky!

It’s been project weekend around here at Radiance Manor. John was away for the weekend and I seem to get super productive when he is gone. Hmmmm…

Anyway, my projects have long wait times in them, so I have a few going on at once.  The trunk is getting lined now.  There are time consuming stages with the trunk. Not so much the doing, but the waiting. Waiting to dry between cleaning, waiting in between coats of paint, waiting between coats of waterlox, etc. I spent the weekend working on the tray:


It was in decent shape, so I cleaned it, scraped off the old paper, glued any loose parts and put primer on it.  I was going to do the tray in gray, but it looked out of place in the trunk, so I went black – which is pretty unusual for me. I am not so much the dark color person. However, it goes really well with the fabric I chose.  Anyway, see there is a broken plank in the bottom of the tray?



 I didn’t want to pull off the broken board because I was afraid the whole tray would break since it is probably 120 years old. So, I cut some fiberboard to fit in the bottom of the tray and then covered that with fabric.  Adhesive and some weights:


All pretty:


I had a wee bit of trouble lining up the pattern since the insert wasn’t completey square, but it looks 100 times better.

I also have been working on the headboard while the tray was in various stages of drying, but I will save those pictures for another day.

I also got our bedroom paint color, except I didn’t get around to any painting of that.



 I will have time with the snow coming in tonight and tomorrow!

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24 thoughts on “Projects and Healthy Heart Weekend prizes

  1. Dawn

    We’ve had about an inch of snow here in Southern Maryland and a bit of ice but that’s been it. Was 67 here today which felt like we got a Spring day, sure it will turn cold again but was nice to get out in the sunshine. I’m sorry you’re getting so much snow but it sure does look pretty. Glad you’re at least staying warm 🙂 Great job on the tray, you are so very handy 🙂 always envious of all you and John do. Hope you can dig out from the next batch of snow I heard was coming your way. Hope Spring gets here quick for you.

  2. Shelley B

    I never thought about just doing fabric on the bottom of the trunk trays – I think the one we have is fully covered, and to redo it seemed overwhelming to me, so of course I have done nothing. But you’re giving me some inspiration! And I like the black – it looks good.

    Yikes on that snow!

    1. Lori Post author

      There is no way I would want to line all those curves and stuff. The fiberboard was great because it adds stability to the bottom of the tray. I am using posterboard covered in fabric to line the rest of the trunk.

  3. Fran

    Girl you sure got a lot of snow and more on the way? I feel for you. Here it’s supposed to get a bit warmer the next couple of days.

    I love the paint color for the bedroom, it’s such a warm colour.

  4. Helen

    You may pass us with this new snowfall. This storm moved a bit so we’re only going to add about 3 inches. But you’re right, it might not feel as overwhelming if some of it would just melt away!

    You did a great job with the trunk insert – love the fabric pattern.

    I have never thought of painting as something that could be done in winter, but you’re the second person I know in the midst of painting projects.

    1. Lori Post author

      Painting can be done all year LOL! Paints now a days don’t smell that much and they dry pretty fast. I would rather do this stuff in winter rather than spend nice summer days inside painting!

  5. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    We dodged the snow so far. This is such a bizarre year and so much less snow than last year. If only every year was like this!! If I look out the backyard I can see large sections with grass and no snow. 🙂

    The insert does look 100x better. I love the liner too!

    1. Lori Post author

      I went very different for the liner than is my norm for color and am a little nervous about it. Glad to hear some positive feedback!

  6. debby

    Hey, I know what would work great for both of us. I could send you a plane ticket to “sunny California” and you could escape the snow. I might have a few little projects around here that you could fix for me 🙂 I might even throw in a bagel or two :))

  7. Biz

    It seems we go from snow to frigid cold temperatures – its about now that I am really ready for spring! I wish you could come help me around my house! 😀

  8. Kathy W.

    I love that liner! It’s like a little bit of modern inside the old trunk. Black and white is classic, too.

  9. debby

    @ Lori: You know, all the “little things.” Things that a contractor and a gardener/landscaper think you should be able to do yourself. Only you don’t want to 🙂

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