Mardi Gras party!

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What is a great way to beat the winter blahs?  With our annual Mardi Gras party, of course!  We didn’t host one last year because we had just gotten back from vacation and there was all the house crap going on. Not this year, though.  First Mardi Gras party at Radiance Manor 😀



Okay, so this is going to be a post mostly about the food LOL!  We got out the beads:



The menu this year included shrimp and andouille jambalaya:



John isn’t eating meat now, so he cooked the jambalaya without the meat and then pulled out some of the rice and veggie mixture for himself. Then I cooked the sausage and shrimp and added at later. That way it was a win for everyone.

My sister brought along corn bread:



There was also slowcooker pulled BBQ chicken mini po-boys and some corn maque choux:



The maque choux was really good. It’s called cajun succotash. We got the recipe from Epicurious.

It was all very tasty!  Festive, too – although we didn’t wear the masks while eating 😀


We played a game of  Ticket to Ride:


And then had some dessert. Praline cookies:



And a white and dark chocolate bread pudding:



Good thing this dinner only comes around once a year! 😯

Always a fun time. Laissez les bon temps roulet! Anyone who wants to beat the winter blues can come on over next year 😀



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17 thoughts on “Mardi Gras party!

  1. Sandy

    Hi Lori. I thought you might like to hear this. After watching your snow on our news I was showing my seven year old nephew your blog pictures so he could see the snow. As I scrolled through he suddenly yelled “She even has snow on her donuts!” After a second look I realised it was the cream cheese on your bagels. Obviously not much exposure to bagels or snow in our parts! Mardi Gras looked fun.


  2. L

    Looks like you had fun! I’m not the hostess-type (would like to be, but its just not me), but I gotta say that you make it look easy. The bread pudding looks awesome!

  3. Helen

    You always make this look so fun but I’m not sure I could plan a party like that. I think this weather has sucked all the party life out of me lol!

    Right about now, I’d be eating leftover chocolate bread pudding for breakfast 😉

  4. Biz

    Love that this one was at Radiance Manor – the first of many! And I’ll take John’s sausage. Ha, love how that sounded 😀

  5. Kim

    So fun that y’all had a Mardi Gras party – looks like a great time!!
    I forgot to take a picture after my run Saturday and Sunday – I will have to see if I have a different picture I can use from one of my 45s over the weekend.

  6. Jody - Fit at 57

    DANG! With all the crap here I forgot to send my pic. I guess someone else will get that PB! 🙂 I would have sent my IG/FB pic of my Sunday run.

    LOVE your fun but man I want those praline cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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