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So, after my kick to my own pants, I have curbed the excess snacking.  It’s not so bad, really. I just needed to adjust my attitude about it all. Not always easy, but manageable 😀  I said other than the oversnacking, my meals are pretty good. I haven’t posted a lot of food stuff since we have been renovating the house, since this blog became the rehab blog!

Here is what I have been eating for meals lately:

I made a batch of overnight slowcooker apple cinnamon steel cut oats from this recipe – although I used the water bath method instead of direct heat.
slow cooker oats


These were really good, too.

I have been eating more yogurt for lunch than I normally do when it is cold. Not sure why that is.  Here is plain greek yogurt with a blueberry compote and some cereal on top.


Mondays are called salmon Mondays because often times we buy salmon on Sunday with grocery shopping and I don’t want to wait to eat it.  Of course, John isn’t eating meat now, so I had salmon Monday while John had a meat substitute.


I just baked the salmon with some salt and pepper. Simple, but pretty good – considering I am not the biggest fish fan.

Note that I am doing good with eating more veggies, as promised for 2015!  This is a classic “I am not sure what I want for dinner” dinner:


You can never go wrong with an omelet.

I also eat a lot of chicken. Like tonight:


It’s got a wedge of laughing cow on top with some hot sauce.

I used the slow cooker 3 times in as many days making stuff, too.  It’s really a great appliance.  I did the cheesy chicken corn chili:

chicken chili


That was good for some lunches and a dinner.  

My snacks usually consist of fruit or a protein bar, although one of them is always a latte. Never gonna change that one 😉 Maybe a couple pieces of chocolate.  

So anyway – back to my passion. I started work on my chair. I have 2 chairs now that need reupholstering and I am starting with this one since it was cheaper  😳  and it doesn’t need to have the springs messed with.  The other chair I need to redo the webbing on.  Anyway, here it is in it’s naked glory:


Please excuse my basement work area. It’s a bit of a mess.  With the fabric off, I glued the joints, which is why the clamp is on there. Now the chair will be solid again.  The inner stuff on this chair is in excellent shape and won’t need replacing, so it is just the fabric on it. I will need to either restain or paint the chair wood (thinking stain) and then pull out about 1000 staples left in the wood.  I bought fabric for the 2 chairs and it is a plum colored suede, so hopefully it will look nice when I am finished. It is a bit of a tricky cushion, so it will be a challenge.


One good thing about the cold weather – I am getting projects done!


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14 thoughts on “Some eats

  1. deb

    Hi Lori… Can i ask why John isn’t eating meat??? Just a dietary choice for his health or weight loss or is for not wanting to kill animals…. just wondering….. Is it more difficult to prepare such different meals?? Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Free Hummingbird………

    1. Lori Post author

      John just started to get kind of grossed out by meat itself and started eating less and less. He doesn’t know if it is a permanent thing or not. He misses meat sometimes, but hasn’t eaten any. I don’t prepare different meals. We cook our own main dishes unless it is something we both eat.

  2. debby

    That oatmeal looks awesome! What is the water bath method–does that keep it from burning? I think I’ll try to cook it while I’m awake. I had a piece of salmon tonight–delish! I like to use Mrs. Dash on salmon, and sometimes add lemon. All fish is better with lemon. Well, that’s the way I was raised, so its hard to change.

    Good for you on reining in the snackage 🙂
    debby´s last blog post ..Storage and Garden Report

    1. Lori Post author

      It really helps to have a separate area for a workspace. When I was working on the trunk, it was in this spot and it is nice to pick up where I left off instead of having to drag everything back out again.

  3. Helen

    I was looking at your food and thought if you had the oats then the yogurt/cereal then the omelet, you’ve pretty much had breakfast 3 times in one day! But you know what? I’ve found myself, lately eating things for breakfast that would not be considered breakfast foods and the earth did not come to an end lol! I do love breakfast for dinner too.

    I think you’re doing an amazing amount of projects. You go girl because this stupid weather zaps my motivation to do anything but the most basic, like making a meal or cleaning a bathroom.
    Helen´s last blog post ..The Struggle

    1. Lori Post author

      That’s funny – I do not even consider yogurt as a breakfast food LOL! I don’t think I have ever had yogurt for breakfast. I guess on that note, I don’t eat eggs very often for breakfast either 😀

      I sort of give myself a reward scenario to do things. Like if I practice guitar and then work on a project for an hour – I get to lay under the fleece blanket.

  4. Fran

    Eh in my opinion there’s meat and there’s fish 🙂 I don’t consider fish meat, but fish, can you still follow me?

    You should try a frittata: roast veggies with olive oil and herbs in the oven for 30 minutes. Mix 4 eggs with salt and pepper, pour it over the veggies and put it back in the oven for 15 minutes. Enough for 2 meals and delicious!

    Look forward to how the chair will look once it has been through the magical hands of Lori.
    Fran´s last blog post ..It’s March: Bring on Spring

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