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It’s almost time to get the bikes outside, but not quite yet. John has been wanting a recumbent bike because they are more comfortable for him than the trainer and then we can have it inside for rainy days when the bikes are officially off the trainers.  Yesterday, he picked one up which was barely used that someone was selling  and now it is in the exercise room.  Or what we call the “jungle room” due to the wallpaper. 


This is actually a big room. This stuff takes up a little more than half the room.  The bowflex is on the far right – with the leg extension attached. My bike is still on the trainer, but John took his off and put the recumbent in its place.

It’s super, super quiet. It really makes no noise at all:



It’s not totally organized in this room still. We have the free weights and mats. Plus a random mirror that hasn’t found a home in the house yet.  I don’t know if this TV is hooked up to cable or anything as I haven’t tried to turn it on.  I usually read on the bike.  I am sort of thinking about getting a treadmill, but I am not sure. It will save money on a gym membership over time.

So, we are set up inside and itching to get set up outside! 

I finished up a project this week.  My mother has been looking for a nightstand, but she wanted a particular look, which was a dark top and antique white bottom.  I told her that I could make anything look like that, so we just had to find the table in a budget.  A low budget – gotta protect my inheritance, right? 😉


I found this table at an auction and won the bidding:


It was sort of shabbily painted (not really well, I might add). They used chalk paint, so it was really easy to brush on some odorless mineral spirits and scrape the paint off the top.  Then I sanded the top and applied a dark stain and made my own chalk paint for the botton.  Satin poly on the parts that will have stuff set on them and it is ready to go.


This was actually a super easy and quick project.  It’s taking longer to do my chair LOL!  I think this table is very cute and stylish now.  Kinda looks nice in my house, though, I have to say.

On the food front – I have been on a chicken kick this week.  I bought a rotisserie chicken and have been noshing on that all week.



Served with spiralized skillet potatoes:



Looks like spaghetti, doesn’t it? 

I also did a faux chicken meal. Morningstar Chick’n nuggets:



These are actually pretty good and John likes them.

I changed up my breakfasts this week.  Normally I have some form of oats, but I decided to do savory this week and got some breakfast sausage made by a company in Saratoga. Served in an omelet:



This was a nice change and it actually lasts me until lunch.  My kick in the pants has been going pretty well.  Still room for the bagel, though.


I’ll end with a random shot of Pixie. 


Awake, actually for a change!

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18 thoughts on “Home gym

  1. Lisa

    I sure wish the bike trainer was more comfortable but dang, it’s so not. Which sucks because it COULD be a great winter workout…
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Racing!

  2. Kim

    I have that same brand of stationary bike, but mine isn’t a recumbent. That table looks great!

  3. Kim

    I love the way that table looks – I would want to keep it, too!
    So glad that soon it will be outdoor weather – looking forward to seeing where all you go on your bike rides!!!
    Kim´s last blog post ..Not Every Day Is Perfect

  4. debby

    That table is super cute!! It makes me laugh (or cringe) when you say something like that is super easy and quick. I would just stare at something like that for about five years, and then probably give up and get something else!

    That’s nice that you have enough room to devote a whole room to your gym in your new house! I love the recumbent bike at the gym, and I’ve thought about getting one for home, but I don’t’ really have that much room.

    The spiralized potatoes look yummy.
    debby´s last blog post ..Its Definitely Spring

    1. Lori Post author

      Haha – it really didn’t take long at all. Probably about 3 hours total or so. I started poking at it Sunday night and did a little bit each night on it. I enjoy doing it. Or maybe I enjoy the transformation most of all.

      Our house is really huge for the 2 of us. There is 1800 square feet on the first and second floors and the finished basement is at least 900 more. Without John’s business, I don’t know what we would do with all the downstairs space, although I could probably fill it up with furniture projects.

  5. Lori's Mom

    Lori, I love, love, love the table! Thank you so much for finding it for me and working your magic on it. This could be the start of a whole new look for my bedroom.

  6. Helen

    Great job on the nightstand – I wouldn’t believe the “before” if you handn’t shown it!

    I’m a bit jealous of your gym. I wish I could have my stuff in a heated room 😀
    Helen´s last blog post ..Spring Cleaning

  7. Jody - Fit at 57

    HI PIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your ability to do this home stuff Lori! Your mom is lucky! So cute – very talented!!!!

    I would love to have a home gym even though I would still go to mine BUT nice to have both options…..

    OMG, I need a bagel! 🙂
    Jody – Fit at 57´s last blog post ..TRUTH to Getting Flat Abs

  8. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    That table looks wonderful. Particularly noteworthy as I found the “before” to be pretty ugly.

    Lori, I’m staring at the picture of your bike on the trainer. I had a trainer (a couple of decades ago) that was basically rollers, supposedly very realistic except I couldn’t stay on. It appears you don’t have to take a wheel off yours, but you are still locked in place? I’m wondering if it would work for my EZ-1 super cruiser next winter. Any info would be appreciated.

  9. Fran

    Great work on the table, it looks beautiful.

    How nice to have such a huge room to make your home gym in. But still hope the bikes can go outside soon, I look forward to the Saturday cupcake rides.
    Fran´s last blog post ..A beautiful day in the park

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