Bathroom Finished!

Time for pics of the finished (mostly) bathroom!  We still need to do some decorating, but the other stuff is all done.  This was enough of an update to make us like the room a lot better before a major overhaul down the road – ’cause I am going to have a clawfoot tub, dammit.

Anyway, let’s all remember Jar Jar for a moment.








This is how a lot of conversations start around here:

Me:  So I have this idea.

John:  Oh no…

This particular discussion was about my idea for the stupid corner in this bathroom with all that mirror. I would never, ever put this much mirror in a bathroom and we certainly weren’t going to take it down because I didn’t fancy a trip to the emergency room and I didn’t want it to be that big of an overhaul on the bathroom.  Yet…

I figured I would just paint over the mirror to hide it and make it look like wall. Then I used wooden trim to make a ‘frame’ for the mirror and you would never know.


The fixtures are the same, except the brass ring around the bottom of each glass shade was taken off – and the shades were cleaned.  Makes a big difference in how they look.  My mother suggested painting the fixtures, but if they come off the wall – they are not going back up. 🙂  I still don’t like them, but they aren’t so bad now. Not to mention it helps that all the bulbs are replaced and functional now.  On a side note, that picture above shows the nice natural light we get in this room.

The counters were done with the Rustoleum Countertop Paint. A decent product. I would not recommend it for a kitchen and probably not for a permanent solution. It’s hard to get it on evenly and you cannot use the surface for 3 days while it is drying and curing. Try keeping hair, dirt and fuzz out of a room while a flat surface dries and see how far that gets you.  Anyway, the color is much better. Removing the white glazing on the vanity doors also helped it look new.


I had these pictures of vintage tubs from when we had our retail shop and thought they would look good here.


I left John’s jammies out of that picture.  :mrgreen: 

My shower curtain, which I love – and the new ceiling vent/light.


The lighting messes with the color a bit, so sorry about that inconsistency.


The corner.



I am on the lookout for some kind of short shelving here or a repurposed storage thing to fit on the countertop for storage and then have that star on top. Crates are a little too rustic for me, but I will find something. We do have a linen closet in the room, so it’s not a rush to find anything. And I need a new wastebasket to go underneath the counter in that cubby.

Again, it never ceases to amaze me the difference paint can make in a room.  This was one of the least expensive redos in the house. The most expensive thing was the vent/light, which was $85.  The whole room cost about $170.  Not counting my labor, of course 😀  Scrubbing out traces of the former owner? Priceless.

I am taking a break on the wallpaper front for a while. We still have the upstairs hallway, the stairwell and the other bedroom to go, but there are other projects to do :cough: 2 trunks :cough: and it is starting to be more like biking weather out!


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27 thoughts on “Bathroom Finished!

  1. Kim

    So how did you get rid of the overzealous mirror? You painted over it? Whatever you did looks great.

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, painted right over it. Then I put the wood trim to frame out the rest of the mirror and make a fake border for it. We just have to remember never to try to put a nail in the wall where the mirror is 😀

  2. Kathy W.

    I would have never thought to do that with the mirror! Perfect short-term solution! That corner looked like the house of mirrors at a carnival–kind of creepy. Now it looks great! Even taking off the trim on the lights made a big difference. The colors change the whole feel of the room, too.

    I love redos that are actually inexpensive. I’ve followed links to “cheap redos” only to find that cheap=$2,000. 🙂

  3. debby

    Is the wall color in the first”New”picture the most accurate? Anyway, I like that color–it was what I was trying to get in my living room accent wall. I ended up with something just a bit darker.

    I see you have a little heater in the bathroom. That is something I messed up on. I thought I bought a combo vent/light/heater. Somehow I got home without the heater. I do wish I had a little one in there.

    Anyway, nice work! I never knew so many things could be painted before I met you:)

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes – the first picture is the more accurate color. My phone does funny things with color when artificial light is on.

      That heater is a tiny radiator that was already there. We chose not to do the ceiling light with a heater because the one that was there had it and we didn’t use it that much. They are a lot more expensive with the addition of the heater, too.

    1. Lori Post author

      I was so pleased at how this came out. I wasn’t sure it would work to paint over a mirror, but it went on pretty easily. With hindsight, I would have primed and then painted, but it worked well enough. The best part is that I can live with this now and not dislike it every time I see it.

  4. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    I’m baffled. It goes to show what an open mind can think of because like others have said, I never ever would have thought to paint over the mirror but because you added the wood trim, it really does look like the mirror stops instead of going to the wall.

    I also love how the vanity turned out. Removing that white glazing really makes it look beautiful and the whole room looks light and airy now!

    I have a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a basement all ready for your magic tough. Come on over!!! 🙂 lol
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Freezing in April

    1. Lori Post author

      I have a good problem solving/editing mind. If you gave me a blank space, I would be stumped. Give me something to work with and I can figure out a solution.

      If I lived closer, I would certainly help you 😀

  5. Fran

    Wow! What a huge improvement. It looks so much brighter and relaxing now. And what a great idea to paint the mirror and make a frame. Job very very well done Lori.

  6. colleen

    That was such a cool thing to do with the mirror. I would have never thought that would work. It looks awesome! Would that corner spot in the bathroom be a good spot for Pixies cat box? or to hard to get to clean?

    1. Lori Post author

      When we first saw the bathroom, I thought that spot would be perfect for the litter box, but it is too narrow to get it in there without tipping it up. And reaching in to scoop would be a pain. It would have been a great spot if not for that.

  7. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    LOLOL. Ohmigosh, if one of you ever gets some sort of job/transfer and leaves that house before a bathroom re-do … lol, I am just imagining the new owners discovering the painted mirror.

    1. Lori Post author

      We don’t have to worry about job transfers, thank goodness. We will be redoing the whole bath in a few years anyway and that mirror will go, but we said if for some reason we had to sell the house – we would tell them about the mirror. That would be a horrible surprise LOL! (okay, probably shouldn’t laugh).

  8. Kimberley

    Super cool about painting over the mirror and adding the wood trim for a frame! Very awesome. Your skills never cease to amaze me!

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