What’s blooming!

Thank you for all the comments on the bathroom update.  We are enjoying it – and enjoying it being done!  

Now for some garden news…finally…I was really pleased to see some things out in the garden this week!



Can you see those? Tulip shoots!  I should have more coming up, but those might be later tulips.  I also see a ton of daylilies, which I knew were there, and some daffodils mixed in there.



If anyone wants daylilies, let me know. I have platoons of them. These are the really tall old fashioned orange ones. A lot of these will be moving from this bed as it is the full sun bed and I have other plans for it.

Our magnolia tree survived that wretched winter:



Unfortunately, we have to cut a big branch off of it because it is pushing the fence over. Or we need to cut away part of the fence.  However, this tree has buds!



I am pretty excited about having a magnolia.  I know next to nothing about trees and not much about shrubs, so I have some learnin’ to do.  We need shrubbery as we are pulling out a bunch this year.

Some things that didn’t fare so well? Those of you that read the post about the snow slide off the roof – well, the snow from that slide is almost gone except this part:


What it left in its wake was damaged ornaments.


That’s not supposed to be in 2 pieces.  Neither is my sundial:


The snow and ice is heavy when it comes rushing off a roof. It snapped the metal clean in half. This is why you wouldn’t want to be standing under it.  😯

Now I know where *not* to have stuff come next winter.

At least spring is finally starting.

I also have to show off my new colorful shoes!



We were out shopping the other day and John was looking for shoes. I was not, but isn’t that when you always find something?  These are a brand like Dansko and they are so, so comfortable. I couldn’t believe how comfy they were and so I impulse bought them.



They aren’t leather, but cloth. They don’t match any of my clothes, but I don’t care 😀  I wonder if I can get away with wearing them with shorts?

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15 thoughts on “What’s blooming!

  1. Shelley B

    Super cute shoes!!! Love them. Around here, if it’s warm enough to be wearing shorts, it’s too warm for anything but sandals or flip flops…but you yankees might do it different out in your neck of the woods. 😉

    Our daylilies have tripled in size in the last two weeks. Incredible how fast they grow, once they decide that it’s spring.

    Too bad about your ornaments. Another reason to shake your fist at the blasted snow, right?!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

    1. Lori Post author

      Local store in the mall called Shoe Dept. That’s where I got my hiking shoes as well. The brand is Savvy.

  2. Kimberley

    Hurray for what’s blooming!!! So excited to see some green sprouting up. I love that you have a magnolia tree. There are some magnificent ones at a cemetery not far from me and I will be taking their pictures when they are blooming.

    Love the shoes!!! So colourful!

  3. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    I LOVE those shoes. They are so cheerful and if they are uber comfy to boot (no pun intended), then sign me up!

    Poor lawn ornaments. I guess next year you’ll have to move them so they can withstand the NY Winter. 🙁 Hopefully some can be salvageable.

    Hurray for spring plant growth!!
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Freezing in April

  4. debby

    Yay for plants peeping through the ground!! And a mature magnolia tree–you are so lucky!

    I love the shoes so much. I googled them, and have a slightly different pair of the same brand bookmarked. Tell me they are super comfortable?
    debby´s last blog post ..Good Things

    1. Lori Post author

      They are very comfortable. I wasn’t intending to buy shoes. John was looking for them and I just happened to try these on and they were so comfortable that I bought them!

  5. Helen

    I love your colorful shoes! They will be great when you want a pop of color in your outfit. I bet you can make them match. You definitely could wear them with shorts since they’re cloth but I don’t think I’d wear socks. Of course ‘you’ wear socks with sandals, so there’s that lol!

    I’m seeing signs of tulips and daffys around here but none are blooming yet. This is the latest I can remember without blooms. Makes me wonder just how long they’ll last if they ever do bloom this year.
    Helen´s last blog post ..New York City, Mother of the Bride, and Other Thursday Thoughts

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