Nepal Earthquake relief


The news coming out of Nepal is just terrible. Terrible. The death toll is over 4000 now. That is just a staggering number of people and  their medical and rescue system is just completely overwhelmed. You just feel helpless to do anything. This is a time when a lot of people will donate (including myself) to various causes.

To make sure your money is being spent in the best possible way and going where it is supposed to be legitimately, always check out Charity Navigator to make sure that the organization you are donating to is on the up and up – and also to be sure that the money goes to that.  Charity Navigator has vetted out some that have relief efforts set up already, and here are some of them:


Americares – They have an emergency response team on the ground currently and are sending over a medical team.

Direct Relief – They have a large stock of medical supplies provide medicines and needed items. According to their website – 100 percent of donations for Nepal are used exclusively to help people in Nepal. Make sure if you donate with them that you select the specific donation site from the drop down menu.


Global Giving:  This fund sets up the survivors with their immediate needs of food, water and shelter.

SEVA – Seva normally provides eyecare to marginalized people in over 20 countries (such as women, indiginous people and children). They have set up a fund where 100% of your donation goes to their partner hospitals in Nepal.

CARE – CARE has 150 people on the ground currently and donttions are being used to provide emergency supply kits, which include tarps, blankets, fuel cans and toiletries.


There are others, of course, but this is just a sampling if you want to donate and don’t know where.  I sent to Direct Relief.

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10 thoughts on “Nepal Earthquake relief

  1. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Good thoughts, Lori. Those who are working should check and see if their employer’s have any type of donation matching programs. I believe even some who don’t normally match will sometimes do so following a disaster.

  2. Kim

    It is so sad to see tragedies strike where people already struggle. This reminds me of Haiti. I hope we will all be generous in providing monetary support. Thanks for the link of organizations.

  3. E. Jane

    Thanks for sharing this important information. I hope that others also find it helpful, as well, and will donate. My heart goes out to the people of Nepal, as they face unbelievable loss and tragedy.

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