New hat!

Almost done with April.  It’s finally starting to feel more like spring. Finally.  We had temps in the upper 60s today and it was quite nice out for biking.

Check out my new hat!


It’s one of those cool mesh hats and can actually be worn under a helmet if so desired. Not sure I desire that, but maybe when sweaty it might be a good thing. The brim isn’t really as big as it looks in the picture. Overhead selfies distort the closer stuff for whatever reason. For those of you who aren’t aware, the red polka dots symbolize the King of the Mountain jersey in the Tour de France. The person who earns the most points hitting the climbs first wears this jersey.  I just like the dots.  So this July when the tour is on, you can casually ask someone “So who has the KOTM jersey today?”  And they will be impressed.

We have been getting a lot of work done outside with the nicer weather. I have spent so much time digging stuff up.  All that work you put into strength training and this gives you the real life usage of it. Bending, squatting, lifting, pulling.  I can’t believe I don’t get sore doing this. Tired, yes, but not sore.  My back actually had been good, too (jinxie!!)


Next up is removing those bushes in the middle.  They are sad. We decided to concentrate on half of the front of the house this spring and then work on the other side in the fall, so we won’t take up the bushes on the other side yet.  So much digging to do.



I was thinking about making a sign like this to put in the back yard:



I think it is cute, but then I realized that I have soooooooo many things that I am in the middle of doing that I really don’t need another project.

We only have about 1-1/2 weeks to the closing on the old house! Everything is going along smoothly. Fingers crossed. It would stink if something went wrong now.

I haven’t put up a Pixie shot in a while. Here she is getting tummy rubs:



She has the best life, although she wants to be outside as well. Too bad, kitteh.  Guess we need to work on that catio for her.

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8 thoughts on “New hat!

  1. debby

    Its funny you posted a hat. I was in the pool yesterday thinking that I needed to get that kind of a hat.

    The gardening cartoon is HILARIOUS!
    debby´s last blog post ..Good Things

  2. Fran

    Love the hat and of course I knew where the dots are for 🙂
    You do know the Tour starts in Holland this year I suppose? I’m still thinking if I should go and watch it because it starts in Utrecht which is 30 minutes away by car. I might check out the route and see if I can watch somewhere alongside the course.

    The sign is great, these things are really popular here nowadays with text about your home, your garden and so on.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Wednesday April 29, 2015: Snapshots meals

  3. Kim

    I’m not sure I knew about the polka dots – I try to watch at least part of the Tour de France every year but don’t always know the terminology.
    Glad you are working in the yard!
    Hope everything goes smoothly for the closing -that will be such a big relief for y’all!
    Kim´s last blog post ..Do You Live in a Walking Town?

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