What’s Blooming!

Spring is fully here now. We did have frost warnings the last couple nights, though. Temps got in the 30s, but it didn’t seem to affect anything.  There are some late tulips in town. Saw these on a walk this week:






This week brought actual planting going on in the garden beds. We were at the old house and I dug up a few plants and saw this:


I definitely want to get some of these at some point for the new gardens.  

I got a bunch of annuals for the front bed since I honestly wasn’t expecting to make this much progress with it and didn’t have much planned yet.  The annuals will give some life to the bed while I start adding the baby perennials.


I grabbed some irises from the old house, coneflowers, liatris and some centaurea.  Not sure if they will survive the transplant or not, but no harm, no foul if they don’t.   For annuals, I got some cosmos:



They will get about 2 feet tall.  I also got some cleome for height, which will look like this (hopefully)



And some tall snapdragons.

My lily of the valleys are in full bloom.




I am over run with them!


This is what happens when you don’t keep control over a spreading plant.


There is a mix of LOTV and daylilies all down the side here. Some of that is on the neighbor’s property as well.

I was so happy to see this in the back yard:



My razzmatazz coneflower that I brought with me from IL about 10 years ago and moved last fall to this house. My old friend. So happy to see it survived the winter.  It’s funny – this plant has been the same size for 10 years. It is sterile, so it doesn’t make seedlings and it doesn’t get big enough to divide. It is a very strange plant.

Pixie was watching me from the dining room window:



My hostas popped up in the last week from nubs to this:



I was going to dig these up and put astilbes in their place, but then decided to leave them this year since I am lacking in plants right now. I am not the biggest fan of hostas, but they are green and growing. Not to mention this bed is full of those white rocks and it will take a long time to get the bed clear of those.

I got more plants today, too!



All of those plants I purchased over the winter at sale prices. The wait is worth it, though!  These are from Bluestone Perennials, which is my favorite online company.  Their service is very good and I especially like the ecofriendly coco pots the plants are packed in:



These pots go right in the ground so there are no little plastic pots to recycle. Less waste.  

So guess what the agenda is for Friday night? Planting!!  I know how to partay.

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9 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Lori's Mom

    Those packaged plants look so nice and fresh. How long does the shipping process take?

  2. Lisa

    I love the eco containers. That’s all we get. I planted our veggie garden last weekend (tomatoes, jalapenos, snap peas, basil, cucumber) and they all had the bio containers. THey work great and disintegrate and then “feed” the plants too.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Reducing My Calories – Part 1

    1. Lori Post author

      I wish more local places used the eco containers instead of the plastic pots. We recycle them, but still would be better to not have them.

  3. debby

    Wow, that little box of plants looks so nice! And how fun to see that your Razz Ma Tazz made it! My friend just told me about an antique rose that she has moved with her at least four times, and it already bloomed this year.

    The herd of LOTV is amazing. I noticed quite a few of them in my planter yesterday, so hopefully next year they will all bloom.
    debby´s last blog post ..Good Things

    1. Lori Post author

      Can you believe the LOTV? It’s crazy, but it smells heavenly in that area. I will move some of those to the back by the fence. We need to clear out most of that bed, but that will be later in the fall for that side.

  4. Fran

    Beautiful! So happy to see Spring is finally arrived and everything starts blooming.

    I have a few hosta’s in my garden and like you, not the biggest fan of them. Usually they got eaten by snails before they fully start to bloom.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Monday, May 18, 2015: Mishmash

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