What’s Blooming!

Progress being made in the garden bed.  No more plant ‘acquiring’ by me from the old house anymore.  Oh well.  The buyer wants to keep the garden beds, so that is good. I am giving her a schematic of the old garden so she knows what is what along with my email if she has any questions.  Still a little sad to see that go.

Anyway, I had hacked off some iris rhizomes along with the root clusters and brought them here. One chunk had buds, which I probably should have taken off to help the plant establish, but I just couldn’t do it.  It had full root system, so I thought it would be fine and here it is today:


This clump probably could be divided again this year and I might do that.

I had also lopped off a couple of the Boysenberry buttercup, which did not have any buds, but darned if they didn’t bloom anyway!  This flower loves me  :mrgreen: 


We also started working on the slate path.  This involved setting out the stones where we wanted them, then digging up the grass and digging out a trench.  Then we laid down a weed barrier:


We used this edging material, which is kind of spendy, but is better than sharp edged metal and looks better than the rolled edge stuff. It shouldn’t heave in freeze/thaw cycles either.


Then paver base:



Of course, when we laid stones in, we couldn’t quite get them in the same spots because of the connecting points of the trim and then sometimes the stones were too thick to go back into the same spot. So that meant rearranging again and trying to find the right pieces.  Good thing we have a bunch to choose from.  After we got them in, we then realized that keeping the stones level with each other ended up have them end not level with the perpendicular sidewalk, which slopes downward. Sigh.  So, about one-third came back up along with the sand and the barrier to add dirt back in to raise a slight slope.  Now we need to put the stones back in place before I show the final picture.

A few more blooms – I found a patch of forget-me-nots in the back yard:



And my Zephrine actually got a baby rose bloom on it 😀



These seem to be going well in the partially shaded area and have new growth on them.  I wasn’t expecting any blooms at all or at least not for a while. so that was fun.

Hopefully we will get the path finished up this weekend. Looks like biking only Saturday and we will have to stick closer to home because of afternoon storms. I am thinking we might check out the Elvis festival in Lake George just for fun 😀

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9 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Lisa

    We should have done the weed liner a few years ago when we got bark dust. We considered it because the weeds are so bad in our yard but our yard is bigger than our house so it would have been SO expensive. Of course, every summer since I’ve regretted not just spending the money to avoid pulling weeds. Man, our yard is so big. It’s exhausting!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Girls Gone Wild in Tucson

    1. Lori Post author

      All of my garden beds need mulch and a ton of it! I have to pull a lot of weeds on my freshly dug beds. Our neighbor is giving us some, luckily. She got too much and now it is sitting in her driveway, so she told us to come over and get it 😀

  2. debby

    I LOVE the Boysenberry Buttercup!!! So glad you got to take some of that with you. And the Zephrine is going to be a climbing rose, I think? That will be gorgeous once it gets going!
    debby´s last blog post ..In The Garden

  3. Helen

    I love that you and Debby have east coast/west coast gardens going (along with beautiful stone paths). So much fun to see them!

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