Ride and parade!


We had a super active weekend around here.  Seems like it is that way every weekend lately 😀

Saturday was long ride day, as per usual. We went down to Saratoga again.  I tested out a new sunscreen that I will be doing a review on this week:


It was a sunny day!  We decided to go early and have lunch down there.  We booked along and didn’t stop too much. Most of the ride is in the open sun, but there is a shady section where we go by a state park.



Quick stop for a rest and a date snack.


We got into Saratoga around mile 20 and hit up Comfort Kitchen.  We love this place.  The portions are large, so we split  an order of Mac and cheese with a slide of slaw and rosemary sea salt sweet potato chips.



I was loving the salt after a sweaty ride down.  Good thing we left early.  After lunch, we started walking around town and I thought I heard a band. Sure enough – we headed up the street and ran into a parade!


Saratoga is celebrating its Centennial this year, so this parade was part of that.  It was a long one!




One of my favorite parts:

After the parade was done, we went for our dessert 😀   You know it!


This was a gingerbread cupcake with maple frosting.  Really good, but the service at this place new to us was not very friendly… and the coffee was weak. 2 strikes.

Then it was time to head home.  Full tummies and all.  We made really good time on the ride, too. We took just one break riding home, which was around 30 miles.



Sunny, sunny, sunny!


How nice is that shot?

Home, very sweaty!



Ride stats:

Total miles: 41.2

Average speed: 14 mph

Top speed: 27.1 mph

Calories burned:  1236

We are in pretty good bike form now. You can tell when the average speed for the same ride goes up.  40 mile rides are a good distance. Not so long that you get super tired, but long enough to get in a really good workoug. And cupcake 😀

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19 thoughts on “Ride and parade!

  1. Kim

    I love the barn picture with puffy clouds. And I have to make the band director comment… I’m surprised the marching band was in full uniform. Around here (mid-Missouri) bands always do the Memorial Day parades in khaki shorts and band t-shirts. Uniforms are collected and cleaned after marching season. I love getting to see how other parts of the country do things.

    1. Lori Post author

      The uniforms were probably for a couple reasons. One is that school is still in session for another week or so. The other is probably the significance of the parade. One thing about our area is that they will use anything as an excuse for a parade or fireworks 😀

  2. L

    Is it weird that when you wrote you took a date snack, I was disappointed to not see the date in the picture? I think some subliminal training is taking place when I read your blog. 😀

  3. Helen

    I want that oreo cookie cupcake. Can I have it without riding 40 miles? LOL.

    This weekend was spectacular weather wise – glad you got to really enjoy it! Looking forward to your sunscreen review.
    Helen´s last blog post ..I Can Never Go Back

  4. emmaclaire

    What a great day! How long does a ride like that take you two? I have never done more than 20 miles and would like to venture further, but it just seems like such a time commitment. I love the barn picture – reminds me of all the Big Ben jigsaw puzzles we used to do on Sundays when I was growing up 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      It is a time committment, but that is what we love to do on the weekends. It takes us about an hour and 30-40 minutes to ride down to Saratoga and then the same back. So, we are in the saddle for 3 to 3-1/2 hours. It’s definitely something you have to plan for with water, energy food and bike repair kits. You wouldn’t want to get stuck an hour from home with a flat tire!

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